News: New pizza kiosk in Common Market

Published in the September 9 2010 issue of The NAIT Nugget. News

New pizza kiosk in Common Market

Photo by Linda Hoang

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There’s a new pizza place on campus and it’s already getting some rave reviews.

Panago Pizza has replaced the former Pizza Hut kiosk in Common Market.

“The reception so far has been excellent with both staff and the students,” said Kathryn Howden, NAIT’s manager of food services.

“People are commenting that it’s a less greasy product and it’s a bit of a larger base.”

NAIT decided not to renew the contract with Pizza Hut – which had been in Common Market on campus for over 10 years.

The school held an open market competition for pizza companies interested in opening up to students.

“Panago came out as the most enthusiastic about doing business with NAIT,” Howden said.

She says NAIT chose to keep a pizza market instead of going with a different type of food franchise because pizza has always been a popular choice among students.

“It’s in the top three items of student popularity,” Howden said. “Some surveys show it is the number one choice.”

The $5 and $6 pizzas come fresh daily – something Howden says has been a big appeal for recent customers.

“We looked for something that was healthier and fresher and a little more modern and we think we achieved that with Panago,” Howden said. “We make the dough homemade so it’s fresh daily and rolled out daily.”

A number of students have been pouring out of Common Market with Panago Pizza boxes in hand since the kiosk made its debut this semester.

“I was really happy when I saw Panago was here,” said Tyler Norton, a first year pre-technology student. “I think I’ll be having a lot of pizzas this year.”

“It’s really good and it’s good for NAIT to have,” said Shane Bell, a digital media and IT instructor who admits he’s already frequenting the new franchise.

But for some, the prices of the pizzas are still too steep for the size given.

“It’s cool that it’s here but it’s still too expensive,” said Jack Nemo, a second-year radio student. “It’s stupid because it’s the same price as the old Pizza Hut pizzas.”

However, Howden says Panago’s pizzas are well worth the price, adding that the pizzas are two inches larger than the ones Pizza Hut offered.

“It’s an excellent price for students because it’s a substantial meal,” she said.

“We think the price point is in line with students’ budgets.”

Larger pizzas are also available for catered events through NAIT’s catering desk.

Panago Pizza is NAIT’s fourth franchise on campus, joining Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Pita Pit.

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