News: Gaga fans apply their poker faces

Published in the August 28 2010 issue of The Edmonton Sun. News

Gaga fans apply their poker faces

Hundreds of Lady Gaga fans spent the two days the pop star was in town getting done up Gaga-style.

Fans who didn’t show up at the concert with their own homemade make-up flocked to cosmetics stores to get wild designs done professionally.

“It was crazy,” said Kasha Mark with Mac Cosmetics in West Edmonton Mall.

“We were booked solid for make-up appointments for the concert.”

Kerris Yarmuch, a colour specialist at the mall’s Sephora said specialists worked constantly throughout Thursday applying Lady Gaga-specific make up on fans.

“We were doing eyes, doing lightning bolts, sparkles, glitter, all kinds of different glamour looks,” Yarmuch said.

“It was pretty cool.”

She adds employees weren’t surprised by the big turnout of fans hoping to look like Gaga.

“We kind of saw it coming,” Yarmuch said. “Everyone was prepared.”

Mark said the concerts proved to be an opportunity for women — and men — to go out of “their comfort zone.”

“A lot of people got stuff they normally wouldn’t,” she said.

“Makeup they wouldn’t wear normally but did because it’s Gaga.”

Yarmuch says while the crowds of fans at Sephora wanting extravagant make-up done wasn’t shocking, she says it was “definitely different.”

Along with colourful make up designs, many loyal fans of the eccentric singer dressed up — and down — in Lady Gaga-inspired outfits.

At Thursday night’s show, a number of Gaga’s “little monsters,” which is the term she affectionately calls her fanbase, came decked in sequins, fishnet stockings, and sparkling dresses.

Some fans even began lining up at Rexall Place for the last of the two sold-out shows as early as 3 p.m. on Friday.

Edmonton is Lady Gaga’s final Canadian stop in her North American tour.

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