NAIT NewsWatch Extra – December 18, 2010

Each semester along with our news-of-the-week NAIT NewsWatch shows, we also have two “Extra” shows at the end of the semester.

The Extra shows are basically our “Feature” shows. They include stories that we did for our News & Entertainment feature assignments over the semester and they also include non-traditional “hosting” segments instead of anchor-at-the-desk segments!


I am very proud and pleased to say that I produced this show.

The team got rave reviews from our instructors — they said it was the best Extra show they’d ever had, among other really awesome compliments. The team did a great job with the hosting segments as well as with their individual features and I again, very proud to put my name as producer for this show!

Click below to view Team B – NAIT NewsWatch Extra – Aired Dec. 18, 2010:

(I couldn’t put it on YouTube because a 30 minute file is WAY too big!!)

A lot of people at this point in the semester were kind of done with everything because this was technically the last “show” we had to do but it was really important for me that this was done well and done right and I am grateful to my teammates for working hard to help make this show!

Thank you Team B! Ryan, Kelsey, Nicole, Ashley, Kiersten, Ali, Clarisse and Katie! You guys were great to work with this semester.

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