My Simply Better Moment by Edo Japan!

What makes your life simply better?

Simply Better Edo Japan

Edo Japan, one of my favourite fast food Japanese restaurants, recently launched their new Simply Better campaign in an effort to make each day simply better for their customers and fans.

The campaign is focused on “simply better moments” – little moments in your day that make you stop and smile. As part of the campaign, Edo tries to make your day simply better by turning moments that make you happy into reality. Last month, Edo launched a website where anyone can submit a simply better moment of their own. Until November, Edo will select submissions from and make simply better moments happen for one perosn each week.

Moments can be (and most on the website are) simple: clean clothes from the new washer/dryer, bedtime snuggles, baking with my daughter, getting woken up by my children’s giggles.

Edo recently gave me $50 to help make one of my simply better moments come true and I wanted to share that on this blog!

So what makes my life simply better? Easy. My fur babies!

My fur babies Thor (3 years old), Loki (2 years old) and Olive (1 year old) bring so much joy to my life (and Mike’s life).

I used my $50 Simply Better gift card from Edo to buy cat litter, toys, and Halloween costumes for Thor, Loki, and Olive! Check out their costumes below:

Lol. :) Every time Mike and I go to the pet store we end up easily spending over $100. We just carried away! Love our fur babies so much. Thanks Edo Japan for helping us create a Simply Better moment around our pets!

Head to and submit your own #simplybetter moment for a chance to win!

I leave you with cute snuggle photos of Thor, Loki and Olive:


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