Lindork’s Lists #68 – What To Do, Eat, And Things To Know This Week (Non-Subscriber Version)

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Lindork’s Lists #68 – BOMYEG Pop-up Market, BiodiverCity Challenge, outdoor concerts, gluten-free eats and more!

Newsletter for June 9 – 15 2021

Please note: Alberta has restrictions in place to address COVID-19I do encourage you to try and support local businesses during this time, if you’re able, but do so in a safe way. Wear masks, sanitize regularly, avoid crowds, keep at a distance, shop alone, take-out / eat outside, choose digital options if avail and stay home if you are sick.

As well, some deadlines may have passed for time-sensitive food/event recommendations. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you would get first dibs before deadlines pass.

Lindorks Lists 68 - Things To Do, Eat, Know This Week - Explore Edmonton - Food - Events
Things to do this week: Black-Owned Pop-up Market, snap photos for BiodiverCity Challenge, support local art and more!
  • Shop the BOMYEG Pop-up Market at 124 Grand Market

    • Black-Owned Market Edmonton is teaming up with 124 Grand Market to put on a pop-up market this Thursday, June 10 from 4 to 8 p.m. Stroll down 108 Ave and 124 Street to browse and shop from several Black-owned small businesses in the city.

  • Dive into some interesting topics at virtual Pecha Kucha Night 36

  • Participate in the YEG BiodiverCity Challenge 2021

    • from June 10-13, take part in Edmonton’s BiodiverCity Challenge! “Nature lovers and enthusiasts, it’s time to go outside and explore our own backyard. Participate in the Edmonton region’s annual biodiversity photo challenge!” The community is invited to join the region’s naturalists, species experts, and environmental groups in documenting as many species as you can! Simply upload your photos of birds, plants, mammals, moss, lichen, mushrooms and insects to iNaturalist or NatureLynx app and your contributions will be used to help understand more about the species that call our region home (plus, you get a nice opportunity to explore outside).

  • Explore and support local art at the Whyte Ave Art Walk

    • The annual Whyte Avenue Art Walk returns this year as a two month, every-weekend event inside the former Army & Navy Department Store at 10411 82 Ave. It kicks off June 11 and runs til Aug 1 every Fri, Sat, Sun. You’re invited to browse and support local artists! Tickets are $5 for the day or free entry with food bank donation from 3-4 p.m. Kids 12 and under free.

  • Get tickets to Together Again Outdoor Concert Series

Got an Edmonton area event, virtual event, or something coming up you think my readers would be interested in knowing about? Let me know!

Food To Try This Week

Support local restaurants with take-out/pick-up orders! Review current Alberta COVID-19 restrictions here.

Lindorks Lists 68 - Things To Do, Eat, Know This Week - Explore Edmonton - Food - Events 2
Eats to consider this week: gluten free eats, an epic seafood poutine, modern Vietnamese and more!
  • Try new gluten-free restaurant Wheet Nothings (5411 51 St., Stony Plain, AB)

  • Eat some modern Vietnamese cuisine at XO Bistro (two locations)

    • This week I tried some of the ‘modern Vietnamese’ dishes at XO Bistro, which expanded from its downtown location to Windermere / MacTaggart area during the pandemic. Delicious calamari and tamarind pawns were had, plus a lovely ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ lychee drink. Dishes are pricier than what you’d find at your more traditional Vietnamese spots (just in case you were expecting it to be like a typical Vietnamese restaurant), but I love their creativity and modern twists on classic dishes.

  • Dig into tostadas and enchiladas from Calle Mexico (various locations)

  • Split this epic seafood poutine from Chartier (#102 5012 50 St., Beaumont, AB)

  • Vietnamese pho from my parents restaurant King Noodle House (10615 97 St.)

    • With restaurant dining rooms reopening as of June 10, I wanted to take a moment to ask you to please consider supporting my parents restaurant King Noodle House Pho Hoang. Like many small business owners, my parents have seen sharp declines in business since the pandemic began (80-90% decrease in revenue depending on the day, seriously). Consider ordering Pho To Go (Vietnamese soup take out!) or if comfortable, as restrictions ease, please consider dining in again to support them.

    • The building is also listed for sale, if you know anyone who wants to buy a building in Chinatown, but it’ll be a difficult path for them until the place sells.

Thanks also to Nick for sharing his mini review of Chiffonology, which was recommended in last week’s newsletter:

“It is absolutely delicious. We ordered her pandan kaya sandwich and it was so good, strong pandan smell which we love. We ordered her fruit box and a whole cake for Father’s Day. Only thing is her price is on the higher side but if its delicious, I’m okay paying that premium.” – Nick L.

Ate something amazing recently? Want to show some love to a struggling restaurant? Have a take-out suggestion? Let me know to include in this newsletter.

Small Business Spotlight

In this new section of Lindork’s Lists, I shout out to support small businesses that aren’t necessarily food/restaurant or event-based.

In this week’s Small Business Spotlight, I’m shouting out to:

Laser City, which has been closed for most of the pandemic but have been doing two main things to keep lights on staff employed! If you’re not comfortable shooting lasers indoors as we start to reopen, consider these alternatives to support this business:

VR Home Rentals ($99 for a 5 day rental of our VR headset. It comes pre-loaded with a ton of games. Plus, it’s wireless so you can use it anywhere!) or the Codo Club which provides Online Camps and Clubs for kids ages 6 to 12 to participate in from home. Supervised and run by one of our experienced and vetted staff, kids will learn new skills in favourite games (like Minecraft, Among Us and Roblox), interact with other kids from across the country, as well as participate in fun and interesting activities.

Coming Soon: Q&A with Brandy Yanchyk

Every other Sunday, I profile a new “interesting person” in a Q&A series just for paid newsletter subscribers. My next Q&A comes out this Sunday, June 13, 2021, featuring Edmonton-based journalist and documentary filmmaker Brandy Yanchyk.

The Q&A will be released publicly on this blog one month after paid subscribers get it!

My Q&A with Brandy Yanchyk was first released to paid subscribers on June 13, 2021.

Here’s an excerpt from our Q&A:

“I created a travel series called Seeing Canada. It’s airing on Amazon Prime Video around the world and to ninety percent of PBS households in the USA. I loved being the producer, director and host of Seeing Canada because I was able to explore my home country of Canada and go to remote and unique places like Nunavut, Sable Island in Nova Scotia and the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia.” – Brandy Yanchyk

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New on the Blog

This summer I’m inviting you to #ExploreABwithMe!

As we enter our second pandemic summer, with travel restrictions still in place, I know many of you are looking for ideas for things to safely do close to home. Luckily I’ve got lots of ideas for you!!!! And I thought it would be fun to turn the ideas and exploration into something of a travel passport. I want to put my past blog travel guides to good use to help you plan your Alberta Adventure this summer.

And if you share about your adventures on social media (tag me and #ExploreABwithMe), you’ll be entered to win various prizes (a grand prize and smaller participation prizes—prizes to be announced lol).

Explore With Me AB - Lindork

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