Every Simpsons Ever is live-tweeting 24 hours a day during marathon

The greatest marathon of all time is currently happening on FXX. Every single episode (and movie) of the Simpsons is running from August 21 through September 1. 552 episodes, 12 days. It’s glorious!

As a huge Simpsons fan (mostly the older seasons though), hearing about this marathon gets me really excited. As a social media nerd, seeing the social media action that’s taking place right alongside the 24/7 marathon gets me even more excited.

Not only is Every Simpsons Ever airing Simpsons episodes 24 hours a day for 12 days, they’re also live-tweeting all of it.

There are nearly minute-by-minute tweets going through the @EverySimpsons account. Photos, quotes, what have you. At first I thought, well that kind of stuff could in theory be easily scheduled by the minute – and there probably is a level of scheduled tweets happening – but no, there’s definitely someone live, manning the account, at all minutes of the day and night because you’ve also see tons of engagement happening with Simpsons fans who are tweeting about #EverySimpsonsEver. The @EverySimpsons account is replying and retweeting to tons of people, every minute. It’s extremely impressive.

Every Simpsons Ever

As I said, the social media nerd in me is very excited about this. I’m really curious to know what kind of rotation they’ve got going (because it’s definitely more than one person manning the account). I would love to get my hands on their social media strategy for this. And I’m also extremely interested to see what the Twitter stats will show in the end.

12 days, 288 hours of live-tweeting? That’s got to be a record.

Following this marathon, there will be a new Simpsons app/site (Simpsons World) that is said to be changing the TV game forever. I think this 24/7 marathon live-tweeting is changing the social media game forever!


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