BoomerHOANG’ing back up the leaderboard! :D

So yesterday was the last full day before voting closed! I was sitting around 4600 votes at the start of the day and I had made getting at least 5000 votes before voting closed as the final goal. GUESS WHAT? IT WAS REACHED!!!! At about 11:00 AM today (Tuesday), I have 5023 votes!!! Not only that, but I had also climbed up to 15th place!!!

March 24 2009 - 15th place in terms of votes! Thanks everyone!!

March 24 2009 - 15th place in terms of votes! Thanks everyone!!

Thank you so much everyone!!!! :D

It’s definitely a horserace though, I’m only just barely ahead of Nila from Indonesia so I can easily be bumped back to 16th spot before closing ends today… but hopefully I’m not bumped! (As a side note, I’ve spoken to Nila online before and she’s great!! :))

March 23 2009 - CTVs online profile about me!

March 23 2009 - CTV's online profile about me!

The last news coverage I got before voting closed was from iNews880/630CHED and CTV!

March 23 2009

Time is running out for our local “Greatest Job in the World” candidate
Click here to read online article from iNews880 website.
Click here to read online article from 630CHED website.

(I wasn’t able to get an audio clip of the coverage :()

Meet the Canadians on the ‘Best Job’ shortlist
Click here to read profiles on 7 Canadian candidates

Today I am going to be on Alberta Primetime (Channel 9/ACCESS) at 7 p.m.. Alberta Primetime tends to do a lot of live on-site interviews so I thought it would have been fun if they had filmed me going indoor bungee jumping at the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park for the first time, but with time and work constraints that wasn’t able to happen. Still, looking into the indoor bungee jumping got me really excited so I hope to do it sometime within the next month! ;) My brother had asked “aren’t you scared?” and I said “NOPE! :D”

Also on Thursday, I’ll be in Carleton University’s The Charleton student paper! They wanted to feature the two students in the competition (myself and Mitchell from Ontario!) :) I had a great time talking to the student reporter, Julie. Can’t wait to see the article online!

I actually think that the voting round could not have ended at a better time. I’ve only got a a little over a month left before I’m finished the school year so final assignments, projects, and studying for final exams is all snowballing up fast. Yikes! Yesterday I spent the bulk of the day doing homework, much like how today will be spent as well.

I’m trying to get as much out of the way as possible so that in the event that I am announced in the Top 11 on April 2 (*crossing fingers* :)) that I’ll have my last assignments and projects finished already so I don’t need to try and juggle that with talking to media and everything. :D

Anyway so there’s just a little update for today! If you can vote before 11:59PM UTC today (which is 5:59PM MST/Alberta time!) please do!!! Again, thank you everyone for voting, thank you for everyone whose sent me tweets, facebook messages, and emails of support! You don’t know how much it means to me! Shall blog again soon! :)

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