BBQ in Edmonton: Spots to Get Your Meat Sweats On

In August 2021, I joined Mark Connolly on CBC Edmonton AM to share ideas for BBQ spots in Edmonton to get your meat sweats on (lol, not the official title of the segment).

The chat got a lot of love so I thought I’d make a blog post out of it too, and include a few other ideas that didn’t make it into the segment. 

When Tara McCarthy of CBC asked if I would be interested in coming on to share some ideas to get an easy and delicious BBQ meal without any of the work, I knew I’d want to recommend beyond your typical, traditional Southern style BBQ (though, of course Southern style is on the list too lol). 

I’m happy with this diverse selection of BBQ options to satisfy your meat cravings in the city, and if you have other suggestions, please leave it in the comments for me (and readers) to try too!

BBQ in Edmonton: Ideas for Spots to Get Your Meat Sweats On

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1. Traditional (Southern) Style BBQ 


MEAT is certainly a go-to for authentic, Southern style BBQ especially in Old Strathcona. This is a locally owned and operated smokehouse, whose slogan is “brisket, beer, and bourbon!” They smoke their meats for something like over 12 hours each day and you can taste that difference.

One of the reasons I love MEAT is that you can order a MEAT PLATTER to try a little bit of everything. I also have a vegetarian friend who loves coming to MEAT because they do an amazing vegetarian sandwich feature too!

MEAT Old Strathcona Southern BBQ
MEAT from MEAT! And you cant' forget the pickle.

Smokehouse BBQ 

Smokehouse BBQ is probably the most popular BBQ food truck in the city. They’ve been slinging meat in Edmonton for over a decade. One of their most popular dishes is a smoked bacon bomb (a bacon wrapped smoked port meat loaf). They also specialize in traditional, slow smoked BBQ ribs, and are generous on their sauces which they make in-house. With ribs you want that sticky, messiness, and Smokehouse BBQ’s definitely delivers. Check their social media for updates on where their food truck will be located. They also cater and can be booked for events.

Smokehouse BBQ Edmonton
Delicious BBQ from Smokehouse BBQ food truck and catering. (Photo from Smokehouse BBQ)

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

The Fairmont Hotel Macdonald has an amazing BBQ board you can get while dining on their patio (best patio view in town!) It’s a Taste Alberta BBQ Kitchen Board that is MASSIVE with smoked pork rib, sausage, brisket, corn bread, and BBQ spiced fries. The meat is fall of the bone and so flavourful, with a stunning presentation that you’ll want to take a photo of before you dig in.

Depending on time of year you’re reading this, they’ve created a pop-up kitchen space right on the patio so if you sit at just the right table, you just get wafts of meat coming your direction, it’s mouthwatering.

Fairmont Hotel Macdonald BBQ Platter
The presentation on the Fairmont Mac BBQ platter is stunning!

2. Korean Style BBQ 

Ginseng, Korean Village, Baekjeong Korean BBQ House, Lee House

Korean barbecue refers to a popular method in Korean cuisine for grilling meat, like beef, pork or chicken. It’s a bar-be-cue / cook it yourself experience, so Korean BBQ restaurants will often have built in gas or charcoal grills that’s part of your table.

Korean BBQ is also typically a shared, group experience, so you’re all cooking and eating around that grill. The meats tend to come thinly sliced, and then part of that BBQ experience includes dipping your meats in a bunch of sauces, whether it’s more of a spicy gochujang kimchi sauce, more of a sour soy sauce, or a thicker sesame kind of sauce.

In Korean cuisine you also get something called banchan, which are unlimited side dishes that complement the BBQ (or any Korean dish—BBQ or otherwise). This would include dishes like pickled vegetables, bean sprouts or kimchi. It’s amazing (Korean food is one of my favourites), and you’ve got a few different options for (not only Korean cuisine) but specifically Korean BBQ in Edmonton, including Ginseng Restaurant (9261 34 Ave), Korean Village (7727 85 St.), and Baekjeong Korean BBQ House (2874 Calgary Trail), and Lee House (10704 97 St.)

Note: when you eat Korean BBQ, expect to leave smelling like grilled meats! (heaven?)

Baekjeong Korean BBQ Edmonton
Settle in for an unforgettable Korean BBQ experience! (Photo from Baekjeong Korean Restaurant)

3. Chinese BBQ

Super BBQ and Delight

There is a popular Chinatown BBQ spot called Super BBQ and Delight (10620 97 St.), that sells excellent lunch boxes where you can get different meat cuts on rice—a jam packed take out box for just $8. Anytime I share about this lunch deal it gets a lot of attention because you really can’t get a better deal as the meat is just filled to the brim of the takeout container. I usually go for BBQ pork with my rice. SO good! This family-owned business is not online so really relies on that foot traffic and word of mouth. Definitely give it a try! 

Chinatown Super BBQ & Delight Lunch Box
One of the best BBQ lunch deals in town!

4. Picnic / Grilling BBQ

Chef Table Living  / CasusGrill

Local food experience company Chef Table Living sells BBQ Picnic Grilling Kits with eco-friendly, biodegradable portable grills, packed with lots of local products. 

Find Otto sausages, local steaks, The Cheesiry cheese, vegetable skewers, Chocorrant croissants, The Art of Cake desserts and much more!

The CasusGrill takes about 10 minutes to heat up and then offers five hours of grill-time. It’s perfect for camping or picnic / park sites without dealing with fire pits. Plus it’s just fun for the novelty of it. I featured the CasusGrill in a Cityline segment in May 2021, and there are a few other local spots selling them like The Butchery by RGE RD, Meuwly’s, and the Italian Centre, if you just want to grab the grill and get your own grilling items. 

CasusGrill Chef Table Living Ecofriendly BBQ
BBQ on an eco-friendly grill!

5. Other BBQ Options in Edmonton

The above spots were what I mentioned in my radio chat on Edmonton CBC AM but certainly doesn’t cover all your tasty BBQ options in the city. There’s a Japanese style BBQ spot Gyu-Kaku (10416 Jasper Ave.) that I’m excited to try. Sherwood Park is also home to a few BBQ spots including family-owned That BBQ Place (220 Lakeland Dr.), Memphis Blues (222 Baseline Rd., they also have a Mill Woods location), plus You Need a BBQ, which is a family-owned BBQ products shop. Southern Smoked Meats is a vendor at the Callingwood Farmers Market that makes a great smoked pork loin and smoked cheddar (along with pulled pork, bacon, chicken, salmon, and sausage—and brisket if you pre-order). There’s also a Tastebuds Caribbean Barbecue (8717 53 Ave.) that is supposed to be excellent. 

As with all my food round-up posts, this is not an exhaustive list but if you’re hankering for a pile of delicious meat, Southern style, Korean style, or otherwise, this should give you some great ideas!

CBC Edmonton AM - BBQ Recommendations - Explore Edmonton Food
My BBQ segment on CBC Edmonton AM originally aired Aug. 25, 2021.

Thanks Tara and Mark for having me on the show to talk BBQ!! I’m hungry!! 

Explore Edmonton - Food - Southern BBQ - Korean BBQ - Chinese BBQ - Edmonton CBC AM - Meat Sweats
Use and share my suggestions for BBQ in Edmonton!


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