Try Something New!

My friend Lisa and I have started a joint-blog called Try Something New!

This is basically what the blog is about (and how the idea for it came about):

Life is short and then you die. But before you get to that, you should really live life to the fullest! (Okay, yes, that’s a cliche.. but you know, cliche’s are cliches for a reason!) Try Something New, is here so that two people (Linda and Lisa) can do and document things they’ve never done before, and hopefully through this doing and public documentation, inspire others to do as well! It started off in a conversation where the two of us had said we’d always wanted to try (something/anything/you fill in the blank), but we had never done it before. Why? Because we were too scared? Because we never had the opportunity to do it? Because we just didn’t have that extra little push of encouragement that we needed? Maybe one of those reasons or maybe all of them. That’s where the cliche comes in! Life is too short to hold back and not experience everything that can be experienced. It doesn’t have to be huge. We’re not going to hop on a plane and climb a mountain anytime soon, no. Let’s be realistic about this, haha. Even the littlest, ‘new’ thing, will make it onto this blog because the small gestures are just as important as the big ones. Maybe we’ll take a new route to that same place we go to every Tuesday. Or maybe we’ll go out with our hair done in a way we’ve always wanted to have it done, but never did before. Either way, we’ll be trying something new. Taking a little risk in life, and having fun while doing so. We hope that our posts about the new things we try will encourage others to do the same.

Let’s start a risk-taking, trying-something, revolution!

So there you go! Another addition to my website/blog empire, LOL as if I don’t have enough. But I am really excited for this one because I don’t usually do joint things with anyone and I think what this particular blog represents and how it will encourage and inspire myself and my friend (and maybe you!) makes it pretty special! ;) Plus it’s on Livejournal and the layout is absolutely ADORABLE in my opinion. Hehe. Please visit!

I just made the first trying-something-new post: HERE!

You don’t have to have a Livejournal account to comment on that blog! ;)

(Also, if you’re wondering, the Try Something New blog isn’t going to be replacing this one!)

More post soon. :)



  • Kim says:

    Aww well that sounds fun. I don’t really know if I could put the effort through to make a blog with an actual theme, haha.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    What can I say, i am just a big blog nerd :D ! Haha

    Thanks for your comments Kim you are like my most regular commenter. LOL

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