Try my FREE, Self-Guided Instagrammable Walls (Public Art) + Food of Downtown Edmonton Tour through Story City App!

I am thrilled to share that I’ve been working with Story City, a local app that brings city streets and projects to life with walkable adventures and my project, a NEW, FREE self-guided Instagrammable Downtown Edmonton tour featuring locally-created art + food is now LIVE on the Story City walkable adventures app just in time for the May 2024 long weekend!

Click to download the Story City app

Access my FREE Instagrammable Downtown Edmonton tours on the FREE Story City walkable adventure app.

My “Instagrammable Tour of Downtown YEG” tour features both an EAST Downtown Route and a WEST Downtown Route (and honestly this doesn’t even cover ALL the possible Instagrammable art but I had to curate and condense so it wasn’t too long a tour lol), with:

  • Lots of information about the art, artists, businesses and area for each stop
  • Some of my photo tips to help capture those Instagrammable moments,
  • Audio clips from some featured artists, at various stops
  • Behind-the-scenes videos of the creation of different art pieces
  • Links to learn more and follow artists for each stop
  • And Instagrammable food + restaurant stops you can visit along the way!
I give you Instagrammable photo poses + inspo at each stop on the tour!

Each Downtown Edmonton tour route (EAST or WEST) is designed to take approximately 2 hours to complete and it is a loop so you will end where you started for convenience! The tours are technically longer if you plan to stop and eat at one of the suggested Instagrammable food stops.

The tour activates through the Story City app once you’re in the starting location (Alex Decoteau Park) in Downtown Edmonton (using your phone’s location settings). Search “Instagrammable” to find the tour, add it to your library, or navigate to it via Maps. 

Click to download the Story City app

* note if you use Norton Security the app may get flagged as malicious but it’s NOT! they are working with Norton to see how they can get off their suspicious website list. 😩

Both East and West Routes start from Alex Decoteau Park in Downtown Edmonton. They each have different as well as overlapping art + food stops. You will just have to do both! 😉

This is (I think) a really fun, easy, and FREE way to encourage exploration Downtown Edmonton this summer—launched just ahead of the long weekend—while also learning more about and appreciating the incredible public art pieces we have in the city, from incredibly talented artists.

This self-guided digital tour experience builds off of Instagrammable Wall Walks / Food Crawls I’ve been offering Edmontonians since 2017. 

Instagrammable-Walls-of-Whyte Ave-Edmonton-Tours
A group of awesome attendees during a 2019 Old Strathcona Walk!

Each stop in the digital tour highlights different art and artists and links out to their website and social media so you can follow and learn more, but I did want to shout out to a few people specifically for sharing extra information + audio clips or video links with me for this project!

Thank you (in alphabetical order) to:

Many of the Instagrammable Walls downtown were also created as part of the Rust Magic International Street Mural Festival, which ran annually from 2016-2019, created by local artists Trevor Peters and Annaliza Toledo “to pay homage to the graffiti culture of the 1990s” (the festival name derives from the Rust Magic brand of spray paint that graffiti artists often use).  When the festival began, Trevor and Annaliza spent a lot of time doing cold calls to see if they could secure walls and support for the festival. After a few years, many business and building owners were offering their walls as canvases for talented artists to create. Although the last Rust Magic was held in 2019, the impact this festival has had for popularizing public art in Edmonton can’t be understated so I did want to special shout out to it here as well. 

Thank you to Story City for seeing the value in highlighting public spaces + encouraging walkable experiences in cities and particularly in this case—Downtown Edmonton! 

Click to download the Story City app

Create a free account then search “Instagrammable” to find my tour! Both East and West Routes start from Alex Decoteau Park in Downtown Edmonton. 

Enjoy and let me know what you think!! 


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If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, and things to know this week!
If you're Edmonton area, subscribe to my FREE newsletter for hyperlocal recommendations on what to do, eat, things to know this week, and more!