SUMMARY: what i learned this week, June 9-13

Things I learned this week…

1. Google maps and directions is not foolproof, don’t completely depend on it.

2. Always listen at the beginning of conferences when a speaker’s name is introduced!

3. I have forgotten pretty much everything I was taught in Photojournalism during J-school. Backing up on Flash appears to be the answer.

4. People love when you take pictures of their event for the paper.

5. Another person’s problems really has a large effect on your own working and schedule in a small newspaper.

6. People are generally A-Okay when you take photos of their kid for the paper, this might be a repeat ‘what I learned’ but I appear to be taking pictures of kids for the paper a lot so. It doesn’t hurt to remind myself that.

7. I’m sad when early-day Fridays are interrupted but I guess I still go home earlier than most people on Fridays even if I do end up having something to cover. OH RIGHT PAYDAY FRIDAY TOO! SWEET! That was a good day.

8. It’s kind of nice having things to cover on the weekend because on Monday I knew I’d have like a list of things to tell the editor that I went and covered and that’s always a good feeling. But I hope I don’t have to work weekends again, lol I already have a weekend job.

9. If your battery dies, take it out of the camera and pop it back in, it’ll give you at least a few more shots that you can make worth your while.

10. Surprisingly security at the military base is pretty lax…

More next week…

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