SUMMARY: what i learned this week, July 7-11

Things I learned this week…

1. I’m not a cold and heartless reporter who disregards the requests of an interviewee, which is a good thing… I think.

2. It took 10 weeks, but an ethical-related situation has arisen in my ‘career’ here at this small newspaper and I made my choice and I stand by it. (Haha, this sounds so dramatic, it wasn’t, honestly).

3. Calling corporate head office isn’t as scary as it sounds.

4. And corporate head office people aren’t as scary or snobby as you would think they are either.

5. I really do work at extremely slower speeds here at this paper than I am actually capable of.

6. It looks like I could be laying out sports pages along with the news pages for the rest of my time here at this paper now. Not sure how I feel about that, well I guess not too bad as long as I don’t miss So You Think You Can Dance at 9PM.

7. Once again, those provincial press releases and reading newspapers online are my lifesaver when it comes to generating story ideas.

8. It’s okay to ask to leave early if you are finished all of your work and everyone else has gone home for the day.

9. I need to work on my interviewing people ‘live’ if I ever want to become a host or anchor something ‘live’, which I do want to do so. * works on that *

10. This was probably one of my favourite weeks at the paper thus far. Being productive and being faced with different journalistic experiences really makes me feel like this entire internship is worthwhile. Also, watching my clippings collection get thicker, is a pretty worthwhile feeling.

More next week…

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