Social Media Spotlight: Top Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow (version 4)

Twice a year, I put together a list of local Edmonton Instagram users who I love to follow. This is my fourth list and I’m really excited because even more than 100+  recommended users later, there’s still no shortage of awesome accounts to suggest!

Instagram is one of my favourite social networks and I love following people whose photos inspire, delight, and amaze me.

I am always trying to improve the photos I share on my own feed because of how good the feeds are of those I follow (and recommend on these lists).

Top Edmonton users on Instagram

Here are the last three Instagram lists I’ve put together:

There is so much local Instagram talent and I’m always so excited when I stumble upon someone with an amazing feed. I hope you enjoy the latest version of my favourite Instagram users list and find some new users to follow!

Check out my recommendations and let me know what you think and please let me know who your favourite accounts are too!  I’d also love if you shared the post and of course -> follow me on Instagram @lindork too!

Top 30 Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow (version 4)
in no particular order

MADE SOCIAL – @madesocialco


Top Edmonton Instagram Users - madesocialco - Social Media

These ladies know how to create and showcase beauty! Made Social is a modern craft community run by @justbellablog and @andreahanki, two ladies whose accounts are just as beautiful. Their feed is whimsical and will inspire you to DIY – and play with confetti.



Top Edmonton Instagram Users - vinhsushi - Social Media

I love following Vinh’s Instagram account because it showcases one of my favourite foods – sushi! Vinh is a sushi chef who creates some of the prettiest and most interesting rolls/fish, so artfully arranged. He does home sushi parties and I can’t wait to hold one at my place!


Top Edmonton Instagram Users - eatingisthehardpart - Social Media

Chris is an incredible home cook (I really want him to audition for Master Chef Canada!) and I love following his Instagram feed to see what he’s cooking up tonight. He makes me want to cook at home more – and better. I love his photos of food and his beautiful cat Peter. I also like that unlike some of the other people on this list, Chris doesn’t typically pick his one best photo to share from an evening or an event, he’ll share a bunch – and that’s okay, because they’re all wonderful.



Top Edmonton Instagram Users - alanajwillerton - Social Media

I really love Alana’s feed! One of my favourite parts is the photos she takes of cool typography and signage on unique-looking buildings. She’s got a fantastic eye for this. There’s also just a lovely pop of colour in all of her photos and what I also really love is you can see a clear change in her Instagram photos from where they are now to what they were like when she started posting (just casually – to just beautiful images). I love seeing something *click* in a person’s feed. Love this feed.


Top Edmonton Instagram Users - hennabyang - Social Media

This feed shows off some incredible, intricate henna artwork by local henna artist Angela. There’s a reason why she’s got so many followers, her art makes you stop – just mesmerized. They are such beautiful, complicated works and I’m always excited to see what her next piece will be.

Sammy Mazola Jr – @sammy.mazola.jr

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - sammymazolajr - Social Media

I just love looking at lines, windows, and patterns on buildings, I really do. Sammy’s feed satisfies this weird love of mine. He takes really interesting perspectives of a lot of downtown buildings and skyscrapers and all the lines and angles are just lovely. His photos are usually looking up – which is something I also love doing (I used to have a ceiling blog called ‘Let’s Look Up’ where I’d post photos of ceilings lol). I don’t think we look up enough!


Atlas The Adventure Dog – @atlastheadventuredog

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - Atlastheadventuredog - Social Media

Atlas is a stunning, uniquely spotted shepherd who frolics and adventures in the snow and looks stunning while doing it. Atlas is more active than I will ever be (lol) and his account – set to the loveliest scenic/nature backdrops – offers an adorable, furry perspective of the beauty around us.



Top Edmonton Instagram Users - charnelleintheworld - Social Media

There are some feeds that pull me in because of their wonderful faded aesthetic. Charnelle’s is one of them. I love her lighting and fade choices. I love the horizontal over the square format. I love the scenery and all of the adorable dogs. She’s also got a fantastic smile! This is a really delightful feed.

Amy Nachtigall – (@sugaredandspiced)

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - sugaredandspiced - Social Media

Amy of Sugared and Spiced Baked Goods’ feed will make you so, so hungry, especially if you have a sweet tooth. I don’t have a sweet tooth, so when Amy’s incredibly beautiful sweet treats make me want to eat them up, I know she’s got something special going on here. Her amazing cakes also make you want to sign up for her Cake Club. Now, do it now.

Ray Dak Lam – @raydaklam

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - raydaklam - Social Media

I’ve been following Ray for awhile now and I love his clean, sharp, white, feed. The graphic designer has an awesome eye. I love his food, city, and scenic photos mixed in with his cool illustrations.

EH – @outhouseideas

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - outhouseideas - Social Media

I really love this account because of its interesting, primarily black-and-white grid scheme and fantastic Edmonton architecture and building exterior shots. There is such beauty in our buildings and I love accounts that highlight that.

Lyndsay – @lyndsayalanna

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - lyndsayalanna - Social Media

Lyndsay is another account that bucks the square format for your more landscape-y horizontal. I really love the colour on her grid. She’s got a lot of sky, trees, and ocean in her very pretty Instagram feed and I love it.

Christian Hering-Junghans – @chjunghansphoto

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - chjunghansphoto - Social Media

Scenic/nature Instagram accounts are some of the most popular/followed on the platform so there are a lot of those types of accounts that I love to follow. Christian’s landscape images are no exception. Truly stunning skies, rivers, mountains, wildlife and auroras.

Stephanie – @starfreaknie

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - starfreaknie - Social Media

There are so many food lovers and bloggers and Instagrammers in Edmonton so I always have trouble narrowing down who to recommend on this list. I only recently began following starfreaknie and I really enjoy her light (both in photo colouring, but also light-hearted) feed. I love her colour scheme and photo composition. I also think her occasional selfies are really fun.

Jillian Schecher – @jillianschecher

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - jillianschecher - Social Media

There are a lot of incredible local photographers so it’s hard to select just a few to recommend but I really love Jillian Schecher’s account for it’s chic, white sheen. The designer/photographer/stylist has a beautiful eye and her feed is just so clean and damn pretty.

Megan Posein – @mposein

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - mposein - Social Media

Megan’s Instagram bio describes her feed best: “They say life is short. But I believe if you try, you can pack a ton of amazing adventures in there.” What adventures she has and how she captures them! There’s a reason scenic/nature photographers are some of the most followed on Instagram – daily reminders that there is so much incredible beauty out there – away from the busy and sometimes monotonous day-to-day.

Stephanie Simpson – @stephanie.simpson

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - stephanie.simpson - Social Media

Stephanie’s photos have a delightful quality to them. Her photos are sweet. There’s lovely pops of colour. It’s a mix of the beautiful outdoors, quaint buildings and as she puts it, a small slice of the world (her world) in Edmonton. It’s quite lovely.

Stephanie – @allaboutami

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - allaboutami - Social Media

I am a big fan of Stephanie and her feed! Perusing the feed of this talented crocheter and style Instagrammer will inspire. I love her style! Her bright, colourful, yarn-filled feed is a joy to scroll through.

Mat Simpson – @mat.simpson

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - mat.simpson - Social Media

Mat Simpson is a lovely local portrait and wedding photographer. He’s been doing more black and white recently but his coloured works are my favourites. I love his style. His photos are very calming.

Laura Grace – @lauragraceg

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - lauragrace - Social Media

Laura’s beautiful photos just pop with colour. Often exploring between Edmonton and Calgary, I just love her nature scenes!

Corey – @corndoghatfire

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - corndoghatfire - Social Media

I love following Corey, executive chef at Tzin Wine and Tapas, to see what delicious creations he’s cooking up at the restaurant – because they are always oh so delicious. I’m always especially amazed with what he can create in the tiny space he’s got to work with. You will be hungry and inspired following him on Instagram!

Mandy Tibbert – @miss_mandyann

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - miss_mandyann - Social Media

Sometimes my Instagram lists are heavy on the food ‘grammers, sometimes they’re heavy on the adventure accounts. I’ve been on a big nature/scenic account kick lately and I really love Mandy’s stuff. The lighting and colours are beautiful and she’s got a great perspective on her shots. I also love how she’s featured in a lot of the stunning scenes too – excellently framed!

Cory – @coryjohnn

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - coryjohnn - Social Media

I first stumbled upon Cory’s account when he was working on a photo/blog project called The Original Self – sharing photos and stories of cool Edmontonians doing cool things. That led to me following his stunning, scenic Alberta nature and adventure shots. I’m not the only one who loves it – he recently got to 10,000 Instagram followers and it’s so well-deserved. His photos make you want to go on an adventure!

Kingsway Mall – @kingswaymall

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - kingswaymall - Social Media

I was delightfully surprised and impressed by how much I enjoy Kingsway Mall’s Instagram account. I talk to a fair bit of people about how you should tailor your social media posts to the platform, and not overtly sell sell sell with your posts. For a shopping mall, the Kingsway Instagram account gets it. They’ve done a great job beautifully showcasing stores and products without their feed looking and feeling too corporate or marketing-y.

Weekend Breakfast – @weekendbreakfast

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - weekendbreakfast - Social Media

I love this feed for its ultra minimalism. This beautiful, faded feed often showcases just one (seemingly) teeny, tiny food – specifically, breakfast food. I love it a lot. It’s super simple and super stunning.

Kat Gill – @katch_studios

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - katch_studios - Social Media

There’s a non-local account I love to follow called @extrapetite, a fashion/style blogger out of Boston. She got married over the summer and I was so surprised and delighted to discover that a local Edmonton photographer whose photos and feed I’ve come to love, was her photographer! What are the chances? She obviously had impeccable taste though – because Kat Gill of Katch Studios is an incredibly talented photographer. The photos alone are amazing, but her style of fade/lighting/colouring is just lovely.

Senator Derpingston – @sennington

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - sennington - Social Media

I’m always thrilled to discover local pets who are Instagram famous. Senator Derpingston A.K.A. Senny is one of them! This beautiful half Siamese has a lovely personality (or is it her owner that has a great personality that she projects through Senny, through this account?) Follow Senny’s adventures!

John Robertson – @johnrobertsoncbc

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - johnrobertsoncbc - Social Media

There are so few local media types who take extra care in their Instagram account. John Robertson, a CBC videographer, is one of them. I really appreciate the time he takes to not only capture the news, but also the beauty of wherever he’s at. He offers a unique perspective to the city.

Kelly – @knitbrooks

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - knitbrooks - Social Media

There’s just nothing like knitted/crocheted winter wear. Kelly of Knitbrooks isn’t originally from Edmonton but is here now and how exciting to have this talented knitter/entrepreneur in our city. I love, love, love her chunky scarves, hoods, and everything. She also presents them so beautifully on her clean, faded feed.

Lindsey Catherine – @lindscat

Top Edmonton Instagram Users - lindscat - Social Media

Lindsay’s food feed makes me feel like going vegan would be alright – lol (coming from a big meatavore). But seriously, love her feed and how it showcases bright, healthy, and delicious-looking Edmonton vegan food options.

Thanks for browsing Version 4 of my Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow list! I hope you enjoyed it and I really hope you follow some of these amazing accounts. I do want to shout-out to the Instagram account I work on for my day job at @NAIT as well, and my husband is always grumpy that he never makes my lists @mikethyking.

Please leave a comment below or tweet/Instagram me & let me know if you agree (or disagree) with the list – and tell me which local accounts you love to follow on Instagram! Really it’s all about personal preference and there are so many awesome accounts out there, as I said, even 100+ users later, there’s still so many more I could recommend (and will – in Version 5 of this list!)

You can also check out a master list of all of my recommended Instagram accounts here.


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