Social Media Notes (#98) – Links for the Week of January 4 – 10

Social Media Notes

Here’s this week’s round-up of social media (& sometimes tech) news. Come back weekly for what I hope to be a fun & informative blog post on social stories that caught my eye throughout the week! 

  • How interesting is this? The next step in a social wedding is… the hiring of a ‘Maid of Social’ – who will live-tweet/Instagram/ensure your big day is well covered on social media!
  • The other big Twitter announcement this week was that it is looking at expanding the 140-character tweet limit up to 10,000. This is because more and more users (brands, companies, etc.) are attaching images with lengthy text as a way to include more in one tweet. Twitter doesn’t like this because the text in an image isn’t searchable. Initial reactions were pretty negative to this announcement, but as the CBC article indicates, longer than 140-character tweets would likely include some kind of a ‘click to read more’ or expand-type of button, which is mostly what users do now if they want to click off and read longer articles or read images with lots of text on it. I will be curious to see when this gets implemented, and how it will look because obviously one of Twitter’s big usability perks is how you can quickly scan your feed and absorb multiple, short tweets at once.
  • It looks likes Facebook is working on a Facebook Messenger for Mac desktop messaging app. An interesting move that Techcrunch writes would allow users to “escape the chaos of Internet browser tabs” and increase the number of people who would be instantly available/using the Messenger app (making it highly valuable, regardless of what device they access it through).
  • Perhaps a new social network to watch: Peach, from the co-creator of Vine, is getting lots of media attention. How Peach describes itself: Peach is a refreshingly fun and simple way to keep up with friends and be yourself. Share tiny updates as you go through your day. Posting is as easy as texting—with a twist. Some words are ‘Magic Words’ that give you quick access to fun and insightful things to share. On Peach, a little says a lot. Easily share pictures, looping photos, videos, and links, along with GIFs, the weather, your current location, what you’re watching tonight, how many steps you walked today, and much more.

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