Social Media Notes (#87) – Links for the Week of October 5 – 11

Social Media Notes

Here’s this week’s round-up of social media (& tech) news. Come by each week for what I hope to be a fun & informative blog post on social stories that caught my eye throughout the week! 

  • LinkedIn has now made all LinkedIn Groups private. Google search also won’t bring up discussions in LinkedIn groups. They’re also rolling out a new stand-alone Groups app. To date, I’ve found little interest/use in joining or posting in LinkedIn Groups, and many I’ve worked with haven’t been able to find as much value in the Groups as they’d like. I am curious to see if this makes it easier (or harder) to get that value.
  • Teens, Technology and Romantic Relationships – a new Pew Research study finds that only 35% of American teens have ever dated, hooked up or been linked romantically to someone online, though 57% have started non-romantic friendships. Social media is a top venue for flirting – with 55% of teens having flirted or talked to someone to let them know they were interested online.
  • The Unicode Consortium (lol, I always laugh that that’s a thing) has released a list of some potential emojis that we might be using next year including finally – a nauseated puking face lol – and a bunch more food, etc. Some are very cute! Although I am still waiting for Apple’s latest iOS to give me some new emojis…

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