Social Media Notes (#109) – Links for the Week of March 28 – April 3


Social Media Notes

Here’s this week’s round-up of social media (& sometimes tech) news. Come back weekly for what I hope to be a fun & informative blog post on social stories that caught my eye throughout the week! 

  • The chat stickers that are in Snapchat’s Chat 2.0 update are really cute and fun, and are tied to Snapchat’s $100 purchase of Bitstrips. I want them to be categorized in an easier to use way (instead of scrolling forever to find the one you want in the category you want).
  • Lots of people/companies have been making use of Snapchat’s on-demand geofilters for their events, but this is a creative use of it: finding interns! An agency is creating geofilters for college campuses to get in front of potential interns. “Rather than asking students to come to us, we thought it would be much better to target them where they already are.”

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