Social Media Notes (#101) – Links for the Week of January 25 – 31

Social Media Notes

Here’s this week’s round-up of social media (& sometimes tech) news. Come back weekly for what I hope to be a fun & informative blog post on social stories that caught my eye throughout the week! 

  • Congrats to Janet McNally, you’ve won a 1-hour social media consult with me! I’ll be sending you an email to set something up. Thanks for entering my giveaway to celebrate 100+ Social Media Notes!
  • I thought this was so interesting: Business Insider’s What Teens Are Like in 2016 report has a lot of funny, young people slang, but also shows that Snapchat and Instagram really are on top for the younger demographic, with Facebook and Twitter fizzling out, plus more tech/social teen trends.
  • I see so many blogs that get crazy shares originating from Medium these days, and thought this post on why you should publish “anywhere but Medium” is pretty interesting and makes some great points.
  • I have been following the @chefjacqueslamerde account on Instagram for awhile now – it’s a parody/satire feed that pokes fun at fancy, beautifully plated food, and instead uses candy and other not-so-fancy items to create these food masterpieces. It’s finally been revealed that a Canadian chef is behind the account, which has more than 118,000 followers! So funny. I’m actually surprised the person behind it is a female chef, because from the captions (lots of BROS lol) I’ve always thought it was a guy chef.
  • This piece from The New Yorker on “The End of Twitter” makes me feel a bit sad. But I would agree, so many (not great) changes lately as well as rumoured changes on the horizon seem to show that Twitter’s lost its way (at least, the way that made me fall in love with the platform to begin with). I don’t think this is actually the end of Twitter, but it’s certainly been on a downward spiral for awhile now…
  • A Toronto man was found guilty of harassing Alberta Conservative MP Michelle Rempel on Twitter. The article also mentions a ruling from Toronto court last week where a man was acquitted of harassing two women on Twitter. Interestingly: “Skeene’s conviction serves as an example of tweets that cross into criminality, while Gregory Alan Elliott’s acquittal demonstrates the high bar for proving criminal harassment in the courts. Not only does the complainant need to feel threatened, but their fear must be deemed objectively reasonable.”
  • Facebook’s also bragging about some new numbers in its quarterly update: claiming 100 million hours of video are watched a day, more than a billion users are using Groups, and more than 80 million are registered to its Facebook Lite app for developing countries.

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