Social Media Column: #Yeggies winners named

Published in the May 7, 2013 issue of The Edmonton Sun.

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#Yeggies winners named

Geeks unite! Over the weekend, more than 200 Edmontonians converged at the Shaw Conference Centre for the inaugural Yeggies — an award show celebrating some of the city’s best and brightest in social media.

“Are any of you on Twitter?” #Yeggies co-founder Adam Rozenhart (@bingofuel) jokingly asked the packed room as the night kicked off. Laughter ensues.

The Yeggies celebrate Edmonton’s social media content creators.

Congratulations to:

Best in Business winner @acmemeartmarket

Best in Non-Profit: Coming Out or Showing Support

Best in Humour: @IngloriousHip

Best in Fashion & Style: @AdvInFashion

Best in Family or Parenting: Attack of the @RedNeckMommy

Best in Food: The @KitchenMagpie

Best in Sports: @OilersNation

Best in Political or Current Affairs: @Paulatics

Best in Arts & Culture: @GigCityYEG

Best Twitter Persona: @KikkiPlanet

Best in Edmonton: @mastermaq

And congratulations to all nominees! Win or not, as Rozenhart puts it, “you’re an important part of Edmonton’s social fabric.”

Organizers are now looking for feedback on the event.

“It’s our first year ever. Obviously there’s going to be some bumps in the road,” Rozenhart told me after the show wrapped up.

“We wanted to do our very best to make it a show for people and we want to keep doing that so we’re inviting people who attended the show and even people who didn’t to tell us what they thought, what they liked and didn’t like and maybe what they’d like to see in future years.”

While the night was a delight, I did speak to a few guests who shared some of the same sentiments about the show.

Several winners announced consecutively weren’t in attendance — which made for some awkward moments. There had been some complaints prior to the event about nominees having to pay to attend.

With six shortlisted nominees per category, perhaps a shortened nominee list would have been more feasible.

Some also mentioned they would have liked for judging criteria to have been made publically available.

Many of the nominees were also fairly unknown — to myself, to Rozenhart and to the guests I spoke with. While that fact is interesting because it shows a truly diverse and vast group of local content creators, some said it would have been nice to see a collection or sample of nominees’ work either on the big screen during the award show or within the Yeggies program book.

Overall, the event was a success.

I’m thrilled that Edmonton is home to a new media awards show and I thank Rozenhart and all those on the Yeggies team for turning this idea into reality.

They want the Yeggies to be an annual event — as do I. There are so many bloggers, tweeters, and podcasters in our community who deserve recognition, who deserve to have a hashtag Yeggies medal bestowed upon them!

Congratulations again to all winners and nominees.

You can submit feedback at HYPERLINK “”

I can’t wait to see how the show evolves next year!

Some Yeggies Tweets of the Week

@lindork: “I really believe the people in this room tonight are the people changing the fact of this city” – @KikkiPlanet #yeggies

@Jaddah: Congrats to every nominee at the #yeggies! In the words of Rainz, #yeg MC, you are bringing common unity back to the community. Wear it proudly!

@HopeMission: Had a blast at the #Yeggies last night. We didn’t win, but the cheer from the crowd when our name was called meant the world.

@GameTimeArt: Congrats to all the #yeggies winners! Very cool that our city has awards for and recognizes excellence in social media.

@VitalityGuide: I would have thanked Google. Nobody thanked Google… #yeggies

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