Social Media Column: Local mom a finalist in Best Blogger contest

Published in the August 7, 2012 issue of The Edmonton Sun.

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Local mom a finalist in Best Blogger contest

(UPDATE: SHE DID WIN! Congratulations Sheri!)

Blogging isn’t a profession most could earn a living off of.

There are definitely those who get enough website traffic to make a decent income out of it, but most people’s blogs don’t fall under that category.

Edmonton’s Sheri Landry’s blog does.

The stay-at-home mother of two has a blog and a second website that earn her enough money so she doesn’t need your typical 9-5 job.

But what’s really special about Landry is that come Wednesday, her blogging talents may end up making her $124,000 richer.

Landry is in the final two of The BiLLe Lotto Best Blogger Canada contest.

She finds out tomorrow whether or not she becomes the BiLLe’s new social media and blogging ambassador for a year.

It’s a gig that includes a hefty $124,000 salary paid in monthly instalments and only requires her to work 20 hours per week, on her own schedule.

Sounds like a pretty fantastic job.

“The grand prize definitely makes it worth the effort to go for it because then I will be able to do my work for them as well as have higher child care for my kids and be able to do what I love which is blogging, social media, tweeting, and making connections,” Landry says.

The BiLLe is a new global online lottery that does weekly draws that have the potential to hit a jackpot of a billion euros.

If Landry wins the Best Blogger Canada contest, her primary duties will be to blog and use social media to represent the company.

Landry and eight other competitors went through a series of tasks in the last month as part of the contest and now it’s been narrowed down to her and a blogger from Toronto.

Landry has been blogging for years and posts about deals, contests, and products available to Canadians, which has proved to be wildly popular. She also makes personal posts and posts about local events going on around Edmonton.

And she’s very active on Twitter (@ThisBirdsDay), where she boasts nearly 19,000 followers.

Congratulations to her for making it to the final two.

As someone who has participated in an online contest to win a sweet blogging gig in the past (in the end I didn’t get it), I know how exhausting the process can be and I know she’s eager to find out the result, whether it’s a good one or not.

This really goes to show sharing your thoughts to the world via blog posts can really pay off.

“I’m pretty sure if I do win, you’ll probably be able to hear me scream from wherever you are in Edmonton,” Landry says.

I look forward to hearing the screams. Good luck, Landry!

Some Tweets of the Week

@zita_dulock: #yegs twitter community never ceases to amaze me with its kindness, kinship and wit. Proud to be a part of it.

@Mrs_Laf: Heritage Days in #yeg is a wonderful celebration of diversity & culture! Thank you to all the volunteers who help make it happen.

@doniveson: #whatthetruck should be our next big #yeg summer fest. Way to go @driftfoodtruck @nomadmobile @ evasweetwaffles et al.

@Pokerclack: Another busy day ahead. I wish I could tweet while working more. Until there is Twitter display in my glasses, I will have to wait.

@JulieRohrRice: The root beer man @CityMarket104 is singing to us. booodie brothers ICE cold OLD fashioned ROOT beer. Perfect sunny #yeg Saturday.

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