Social Media Column: @lindork: Twitter connects Edmonton

Published in the May 29, 2012 issue of The Edmonton Sun.

Linda’s social media column can be found every Tuesday in the Edmonton Sun.

@lindork: Twitter connects Edmonton

Hello Edmonton (#yeg), my name is Linda Hoang or @lindork as I’m known on the “Twittersphere.” I’m a local blogger, social media lover, Twitter geek and all-around web head and this is my hello.

In this space each week, I hope to share with you some stories and insight into what Edmontonians are doing through social media.

There are a lot of great things happening locally on and with the help of Twitter, from small businesses gaining loyal supporters, to politicians reaching out directly to the residents they’re representing, to people forming friendships with complete strangers, and so much more. The platform has played a huge role in connecting me to the great people of this city, as it has for countless others, and I hope that through this weekly column, you too will become a little bit more connected.

Edmonton Twitter users are a very special group. There are thousands of us sharing our opinions, making connections, and talking about what makes Edmonton a great place to live, each and every day. That interaction is also not confined to just the interweb, but spills out onto Edmonton streets at various events organized, advertised, and made better through Twitter. I invite you to take part in the online conversation if you haven’t yet. If you’re one of the skeptics, of which there are many, please give it some time and you’ll see Twitter is not just about what someone is eating for lunch (although to be honest, #yegfood-ies really do care about that).

Here are some popular local hashtags you should follow, the obvious one being #yeg — for tweets on all things related to Edmonton, tweeted by Edmontonians.

For food lovers, follow #yegfood. To ensure you don’t hit a traffic jam on your way to and from work, check out #yegtraffic. Keen on politics? See what your city councillors are saying about important local issues via #yegcc — because yes, the people leading our city and our province (#ableg) are on social media, trying to connect directly with you. There are lots of different conversations happening through various other #yeg-centric hashtags ranging from #yegarts to #yegfashion, #yegphoto to #yegmedia.

Please come back here each week to find out more on what social media-savvy Edmontonians are up to and how they are making our city better through their tweets, blog posts and online connections.

We are more connected in this day and age than we’ve ever been. Don’t miss out on the great things that are happening around the city and on the web.

Let’s connect.

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