Social Media Column: Follow the animals of the Edmonton Humane Society on social media

Published in the July 9, 2013 issue of The Edmonton Sun.

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Follow the animals of the Edmonton Humane Society on social media

I want to adopt them all.

That’s what one look at the Edmonton Humane Society’s Instagram feed makes me want to do: adopt all of the cuddly creatures.

I’m not alone in that thinking.

The Edmonton Humane Society says social media has helped a number of shelter animals find forever homes.

“We hear that from our adoption staff all the time,” says Travis Grant, the EHS’ social media writer and web co-ordinator.

“’We definitely have people coming in asking about things they’ve seen on our social media networks so we do know that it does translate into positive outcomes in terms of animals getting adopted we just don’t’ have the exact figures.”

The organization maintains an online presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and the new Vine video app.

From hilarious Internet memes, to animal safety reminders and pet profiles, Grant says posting on social media has helped the organization connect with the community.

“People really enjoy the real-time conversation that we have,” he says.

“It’s been a very useful tool for engaging all of our followers and supporters and helping to boost our profile in the city.”

The shelter also recently launched a virtual Google tour, letting visitors explore their 46,000 square-foot building from the comfort of their own home.

“A lot of the times if you come here you’re going to walk through the front doors and see this magnificent adoption gallery and all the animals and it is really something to behold but that’s only a very small part of it,” Grant says.

“With this virtual tour, people can actually get behind the scenes, they can see the animal hospital, where the surgeries are done, the back kennels, all of these other parts of our operation that are integral to the Edmonton Humane Society’s success.”

Connecting with the EHS online has been a pleasure and the organization has developed a wonderfully appealing, smart and funny personality.

Their reach is also massive – which comes in handy when serious messages need to be spread.

“We’ve got such a high volume of followers and the activity is very high on our page that when we do release that message it reaches tens of thousands of people, literally tens of thousands, so it’s awesome,” Grant says.

While adorable animals is often the biggest takeaway from the humane society’s social media posts, it also shows the sheer volume of animals in the shelter’s care and the very important need of adoptions from the public.

I already have two cats and if we get a third I know where I’ll be adopting from.

Although when I suggest adding a third into the mix, the response is typically you have cat to be kitten me, right meow.

By the Numbers

EHS Followers

35,468 Facebook fans

7,983 Twitter followers

972 Instagram followers

556 YouTube subscribers

216 Google Plus followers

14 Vine followers

EHS started…

Vine in 2013

Google+ in 2013

Instagram in 2012

Facebook in 2009

Twitter in 2009

YouTube in 2007

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