Social Media Column: Edmonton woman using social media to meet 5,000 people

Published in the December 4, 2012 issue of The Edmonton Sun.

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Edmonton woman using social media to meet 5,000 people

An Edmonton woman is utilizing her social media connections in an ambitious experiment to meet 5,000 new people in just one year.

Brittney Le Blanc (@britl) is a self-professed geek and well-known local Twitter user who is often out-and-about in the community.

She launched her 5k365 project in September and recently passed the 10 per cent milestone mark in her mission to connect with 5,000 people before next September.

“I’m hoping to meet a whole lot of very interesting people and have some great stories to tell,” Le Blanc says. “I’m trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and really try new things.”

What began as a challenge by friends to encourage Le Blanc to get out and date, has turned into a social experiment that’s taken her to a number of local events where she’s meeting and trying to foster real relationships with Edmontonians.

“I’m not hoping to get 50 people in a line and introduce myself to them. I try to mingle and meet new people. I like learning more about them, their passions, and other stories. I am still trying to reach my goal and meet 5,000 people, but at the end of the day, it’s the people, not the number, that’s important,” she says.

Le Blanc is also using her established social network as a source to meet new people.

“Social media has played a key role in meeting new people. I’ve been meeting a lot of interesting folks I’ve talked to for a while online and I am lucky to have a lot of supportive friends who are reaching out to help me by introducing me to new people and inviting me to new events,” Le Blanc says.

It is a truly ambitious goal and also a daunting one in my eyes. I can’t imagine what Le Blanc’s calendar looks like or how she’s able to juggle everything but she assures she’s doing just fine.

So what’s next? Last week Le Blanc signed up to an online dating website in an effort to change gears a bit and meet more potential suitors. She also has a number of events planned for the New Year and the Christmas party season should help her out as well.

Le Blanc is confident she can reach her goal but even if she comes up short — you have to commend her for her efforts. Hers is a great example of how those in Edmonton’s online community are taking their social media connections offline – and creating very meaningful, real-life connections.

Some Tweets of the Week

@1_great_guy: Thanks to the girl this morning who said good morning. It made my day even better to know that there is good out there #yeg #yegcc

@beautynthebooks: Smiles are contagious, let’s start an epidemic #yeg

@gmligrl: Tradesman blasting classical tunes while doing outdoor work on house two doors down. #loveit #yeg

@stephjonsson: If there’s anything I’ve learned about Edmontonians lately, it’s that they really, really LOVE their city. #yeg

@cheryl_o3: Thanks #yeg #ets driver who offered me a ride w/o a pass or coin while I was walking. Wishing more drivers were like him! Usually grumps!

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