Social Media Column: Capital Region Rocks (#CapRegionRocks)

Published in the August 20, 2013 issue of The Edmonton Sun.

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Capital Region Rocks (#CapRegionRocks)

Walter Schwabe / Photo Supplied (Rob Hislop).

Walter Schwabe / Photo Supplied (Rob Hislop).

Edmontonians have been on a kick lately when it comes to initiatives that reinforce the city’s identity.

In the last few months, the Make Something Edmonton movement has sparked a number of unique projects meant to bolster the city’s reputation.

 While that’s been fantastic, it’s also important to remember that Edmonton is a great place to live thanks in part to the fantastic communities around it.

And it’s that entire region that’s getting the spotlight shone on it on Aug. 31, in a new initiative called Capital Region Rocks.

“We are an integrated ecosystem that relies on each other to thrive and grow,” says social media consultant Walter Schwabe, from fusedlogic, who came up with the idea for #CapRegionRocks.

On Aug. 31, bloggers are encouraged to write a post sharing their story about why the “Capital Region Rocks” and the online community is asked to tweet similar messaging with the #CapRegionRocks hashtag as a way to raise the profile of the region.

”It’s a unifying initiative,” Schwabe (@fusedlogic) says. “There’s so much to be offered and we have to start looking at our region instead of corporate city limits.”

He’s got a point. My day-to-day experiences can take me from Spruce Grove to St. Albert, into Sherwood Park and back to Edmonton. All of the surrounding communities have something special to offer and it’s great to see a project focused on the region.

“Take a look at any other region the size of the Greater Edmonton region and ask yourself in how many other instances has a region had a blogging day where they talked about their region from a citizen level? I just haven’t seen it done yet,” Schwabe says.

“It’s so cool to have all of these different bloggers come together on a single day to promote a common region. Imagine the digital footprint that will be left at the end of that.”

There will likely be stories about the river valley, local food, farmer’s markets, festivals, and even the mall. Schwabe hopes there are also stories not often told – about lesser known neighbourhoods or people who make a community ‘rock.’ 

Those who live outside the Capital Region, but have travelled here, have also pledged to share their stories.

The hope is that the Aug.31 blogging day will act as a spark for a longer-lasting, collective sense of pride among the more than one million who live in this region. 

”My hope is that this continues and that the community itself takes ownership of it and continues to tell great stories,” he says.

So get your blog ready! On Aug. 31, write why the Capital Region Rocks from your perspective, and join in on the Twitter conversation under #CapRegionRocks.

Some Tweets of the Week

@ashtonpaulitsch: Rode my #bike to work today. It’s beautiful weather, get out & enjoy it #yeg while it lasts! #yegfitness

@Miss_Scarlett: Skateboarding dad with your 2 daughters on pink scooters – you are awesome!! #yeg

@JanisIrwin: I feel that I have lived in Edmonton long enough now that I can state, unequivocally, that Ada is my favourite boulevard in this city. #yeg

@HeatherF40: That perfect evening in the backyard with no mosquitos. #lovesummer in #yeg

@mcmanus17: Some people love tropical sunsets… I think ours here in #yeg are pretty decent too.

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