So You Think You Can Watch As Much TV As Lindork?

August 29 2009.

I want to eventually end up in the entertainment media/journalism industry.

You know this by now.

As such, one could safely guess that I like(love) entertainment. ;)

Thus today’s post is my listing of all the television shows I’ll be tuning into this Fall, both returning favourites as well as new shows that have caught my attention, along with their premiere dates and my thoughts on each show!

September 8: 90210 (The CW)
September 9: GLEE (Fox)
September 9: So You Think You Can Dance (Fox)
September 10: The Vampire Diaries (The CW)
September 10: Supernatural (The CW)
September 14: Gossip Girl (The CW)
September 14: One Tree Hill (The CW)
September 21: How I Met Your Mother (CBS)
September 21: Heroes (NBC)
September 21: Castle (ABC)
September 25: Dollhouse (Fox)
September 25: Smallville (The CW)
September 29: The Hills (MTV)

2010: LOST !!!!

Notes about these shows:

  • 90210 – guilty pleasure really, it’s not that incredible a television series, but pretty cast (good guy eye candy), cute clothes and hairstyles, set in Southern California, where I’d eventually like to live and work, and the drama that we all love in our TV shows brings me back. I could do without Shenae Grimes though, I personally way preferred her on Degrassi than on 90210. She can’t act..
  • GLEE – i am beyond words excited for this show! The pilot was so much fun! It was smart, funny, totally entertaining and produced such a great cover of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ ! Plus rumors are circulating that SYTYCD Season 5 winner Jeanine Mason (who has publicly said multiple times that she’s interested in acting), may join the Glee cast!! Excitement.
  • So You Think You Can Dance (Season 6) – Ha ha! Do I really need to say anything about my love for this show? If you don’t know how I feel about this show and the dancers and dance, this must be your first time to my blog. Admittedly I am kind of SYTYCD-drained out at this point and I worry that Season 6 being back-to-back with Season 5 will turn people off from it (myself included), there’s no way I’m not watching the show this season. Just no way. I hope to blog my thoughts and recap this season like I did last season, but whether or not it’s anymore of a regularly scheduled blogging than the last was, I can’t say given the amount of television shows I’m taking on to watch this Fall, as well as my school and other-life schedule!
  • The Vampire Diaries – I know nothing about this show except that there are vampires in it and it’s based on a popular book series that I really want to read but haven’t gotten to yet. Well, I also know that the lead girl was a character in Degrassi (woo hoo for The CW taking in Canadians!) and that the two main vampires who appear in all the ads with her are gorgeous and have had roles in shows I’ve watched before. Anyway, this looks promising.
  • Supernatural – I know that Supernatural is a great show and I love Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles but I have never actually sat down and watched the show for whatever reason. I’ve seen two episodes in total, I think. If it is humanly possible, however, I may try and catch up on all the seasons of it before the premiere date, and then finally tune in regularly to watch this season!
  • Gossip Girl – Totally stoked for this to come back. Chuck and Blair are one of my favourite currently-on-TV couples right now and I am just bouncing in my seat anticipating their adorable scenes together (that will eventually lead to heartbreaking scenes because alas, there’s no way they’re going to be able to stay together… otherwise there’d be less drama and as written way above, we all love the drama). But I’m just as excited for those heartbreaking scenes that are to come! I’m iffy about Hilary Duff being on the show this season but we’ll see how it goes.
  • One Tree Hill – Ah. This show used to be sooo good. Key word in that sentence: Used to. Sigh. I was ready for the show to wrap up last season (because I am a firm believer in ending something before everyone begins to hate it!) but here it is, back again. Regulars Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton aren’t involved in this season and while some are distraught over that, I’m quite pleased. They were the least interesting characters with the least interesting plot last season, in my opinion, and Chad’s character had steadily been dropping on my favourite characters of the show meter since he continually professed his love for multiple women throughout the course of the series. He’s an I-Love-You Slut, basically, quoting Robin from HIMYM. Ha. I love Nathan and Haley but their grown-up stories are just not as interesting as their high school ones and honestly at this point I’m excited for the returning OTH season for this reason and this reason alone: Brooke & Julian are together. I was always Team Brooke, by the way. ;)
  • How I Met Your Mother – SQUEE!! Words cannot describe how excited I am for the return of HIMYM. Only exclamation marks and jumping up and down can truly show it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (picture me jumping up and down excitedly) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This show brings me all kinds of joy and happiness. I love the entire cast and each character they play. I also read in this recent Neil Patrick Harris interview, that him, Jason Segel, and Josh Radnor were doing a Playboy photoshoot with a goat for the launch of the new HIMYM season and I just died laughing. I love them! Bwahaha. I am so excited for this show to return!!!
  • Heroes – Okay, I know a lot of people have complaints about Heroes. Like, that it sucks. The writing is terrible. Etc. (I’m looking at you Ramin) But I don’t care! Superpowers and shows that feature people with superpowers have always been one of my weaknesses and no matter how terrible the writing may be (which it really isn’t all that bad anyway, I actually thought the dialogue and actor delivery for last season’s finale was fantastic!!!), I will still watch because it is entertaining and fun and it fascinates me seeing people fly and heal themselves and time travel and hurl Dragonball Z-like balls of power at one another. So yes. I am excited for the return of Heroes and if you’ve got something bad to say about it, just don’t! :)
  • Castle – Nathan Fillion is fantastic (and Canadian! and not only is he Canadian, he is Edmontonian! Damn that’s awesome). Castle was a really pleasant surprise this past year. Though it seemed to randomly stop in the middle of its season (or maybe it had only gotten the OK for a few episodes? either way it didn’t feel like it was a full seasom…) I’m super happy that it’s back and that it wasn’t axed. This is a really well-written, well-acted show that I think is my outlet for crime-like television, since I’ve never really gotten hooked to CSI or Law & Order or whatever popular other crime-detective-like shows there are out there.
  • Dollhouse – The fact that this show is even returning when everyone thought it was going to get the axe (not because it wasn’t good or anything, but because good shows being prematurely axed by Fox is something that happens, sadly *cough* Firefly *cough* Terminator *cough* Veronica Mars… Okay well Veronica Mars wasn’t with Fox anyway but I am still bitter that it got cancelled because MAN, THAT SHOW WAS GREAT), is a cause for celebration. I loved this show when it premiered last year. I totally love Eliza Dushku as an ass-kicking babe and get this, another favourite, ass-kicking babe, Summer Glau, is joining the show this season!!! Happiness!!! This slightly lessens the blow I still feel when I think about Fox canceling Terminator. UGH TERMINATOR WAS SUCH A GOOD SHOW! Anyway. If everyone from Terminator happened to guest star on Dollhouse this season, I wouldn’t mind that either. :)
  • Smallville – I used to watch Smallville religiously before Lana got so irritating that I couldn’t stand to watch it anymore, thus missing the last two seasons. I hear however, that she is out of the picture now (at last! finally), so this new season premiering Sept. 25 may be the one that makes me resume my love for the show. Yay! I hope they start kicking up the Lois & Clark relationship up a notch. Also, I really think Justin Hartley (Oliver Queen a.k.a The Green Arrow) is delicious eye candy.
  • The Hills – Haha okay maybe this is my guilty pleasure, not 90210. Yes I understand that this show is totally scripted and fake and not “reality” in the slightest. Yes I understand that the show is just mindless dramatics that make really unimportant issues in fairly unimportant people’s lives, important. Yes I know this is the show that unleashed Speidi on the world, God help us all. But… I love watching it. I love the drama (no matter how fake it is, lol). I love the pretty people! I love the music. And here’s something that I really do legitimately love about watching the show… I love that 50% of it is cuts of Los Angeles / Southern California scenery, outsides of restaurants, buildings and highways. This show really just adds to my yearning to live in La La land.
  • LOST – Okay, LOST isn’t actually coming back until 2010 but I couldn’t have a television shows that I’m excited about blog post without mentioning LOST! That would be wrong. I am so excited for the final season of LOST. Each episode of this show blows my mind. Seriously. I think that my mind cannot be blown any further but then the next episode arrives and there goes my mind, blown yet again. And while I’m saddened that there won’t be anymore LOST after this season, this is the perfect example of what I was talking about in the One Tree Hill blurb – LOST is going to end before there’s any chance for people to get annoyed with it or think that it’s dragging on far too long, or before it gets to the point where it’s just not good anymore. Nope. LOST is going to end with such a brilliant bang and I am so excited!!!

The end!

Honestly when I was thinking about making this blog post while I was at work today, I was just thinking I’d list the shows and their premiere dates but as you can see, it turned into this. Ha ha.

So, which of these shows do you also watch? Do you agree with what any of the negative things I’ve written about any of the shows? Are you just as excited as I am?? What show that’s not on this list are you eagerly awaiting the return/premiere of?!

Honestly I don’t know how I’ll be able to watch all of these shows + school + run websites and blogs and etcetera but, I always seem to make it work. ;)

Linda (:


  • Alexandra says:

    If Jeanine joined the Glee cast, I would cry of happiness. I LOVE that show and Jeanine. I hope she’s a good singer. :)

  • CHOOonDISbetch says:

    I’ll only be watching 7 of these shows (hoping to actually watch them).
    They are!!!
    GLEE (for clear amazing reasons)
    So You Think You Can Dance (It’s a given)
    The Vampire Diaries (Really interested in this; hoping it’s good)
    Supernatural (Need to catch up on every single season first though. Download time!)
    Gossip Girl (Need to catch up S2 though :/)
    How I Met Your Mother (will be trying to watch this, but I’ve never really followed)
    Heroes (OBVI BITCH!)
    Dollhouse (omg omg omg, so excited. LOVE THIS SHOW!)

    So lied and it’s 8. I added in HIMYM because I should start watching some of that ish.
    With my schedule, I’m gonna be amazed if I can even watch 3 of these shows.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    She would be suuuuuuuch an awesome addition, OMG.

    But now that I’m thinking about it… Season 5 tour obligations would probably get in the way, yes? Damn. :(

  • Linda Hoang says:

    We should watch Supernatural at the same time because I have to catch up on every single season too!


    And ha, yeah I hear you about the scheduling but I remember last year I just had one day a week where I legit watched like 5 shows in a row to catch up. LOL

  • CHOOonDISbetch says:

    LOL WE SHOULD OMG. THAT WOULD BE EPIC! I miss seein the sexiness that is Jared Padalecki :(


    I need tivo. :/ I can’t do downloading sometimes. But when I get my laptop, I’m DC++ -ing shit

  • Linda Hoang says:

    STREAM! and boy!

    Haha it is on Season 5 in the Fall so you’ve missed 4 seasons but honestly if you get on a watching-it-roll then you will go through it SO fast. Cause I watched season 1-3 in like a week online. LOL then I watched season 4 on actual TV :)

  • CHOOonDISbetch says:

    I’ll do that when I get my laptop as my computer/internet is super gay with the streaming and it lags like crazy. (Yes, I used gay. YOU’LL LIVE)

    lol I’ll see when I have a week to spare XD

  • Lisa says:

    Fabulous list. Can’t wait for you to get caught on SPN! IT IS FRAKIN’ LOVE BABY!

  • CHOOonDISbetch says:

    @Dollhouse – If Thomas Dekker made an appearance, I would die happy :)

    Also, Supernatural is coming into it’s 5th season. THAT’S A LOT OF CATCHING UP!

    Still too excited about Glee and Dollhouse season 2! I still need watch some of it as well as Epitaph One

  • scarlettrodgerskucm says:

    You can watch all the episodes off the vampire diaries at this site

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