Shop, Dine, Relax! Six Stops to Make at YEG Edmonton International Airport Before Your Next Flight!

If you’re the type of person who shows up at the airport *just* before your plane boards and are thinking maybe you don’t need that stress in your life anymore (lol because who does!!), here’s something to help shift your airport / travel mindset:

Your vacation actually starts at the airport!
And sometimes it’s about the journey AND the destination. 😉

Shop, Dine, Relax! You can do all of those things right at YEG (Edmonton International Airport), with more than 40 shops and restaurants to explore (many of them you can enjoy after security)! Stress less and get your vacation started early! 

Your vacation starts at the airport! Get there early to shop, dine and relax.

Also save on parking with my jetSet Parking code below AND keep scrolling to enter a giveaway for a chance to win $100 YEG Bucks (can be redeemed at any shop / restaurant at the airport). 

Note: I partnered with the Edmonton International Airport on this post!

Here’s Six Stops to Make at the YEG (Edmonton International Airport) Before Your Next Flight!

Listed in alphabetical order

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A Flight of Wine & Spirits

The YEG Edmonton International Airport is home to A Flight of Wine & Spirits, which carries very rare Japanese whiskeys, luxury bottles, wines and spirits you really can’t find at other liquor stores. Owner Garry—who is super passionate about his work—invites you to browse the collection of bourbon, scotch, whiskey, cognac, and more—and take away something you’ve likely never tried before. Be sure to check out his collectables cabinet with luxury drinks dating back decades and some totalling thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars (six figures!)

Wine lovers + spirit appreciators will appreciate A Flight of Wine & Spirits!
Garry is the owner of A Flight of Wine & Spirits!
Love browsing fun bottles.
Fancy whisky anyone?!
Check out the very rare drink collection here too!

Caffè Sorrentino

From the Sorrentino’s Restaurant Group, Caffe Sorrentino is an ‘express’ version of the popular Sorrentino’s Italian restaurants offering some signature Sorrentino’s specials, fresh-made in-house panini (ask for it heated up!), locally-made pastries (the pistachio croissants are excellent), salads, milkshakes, and premium Lavazza coffee (Italy’s favourite!) The airport location also carries Edmonton favourite Battista’s Calzones. Great as a grab and go or take a seat and relax.

A very good calzone from Caffè Sorrentino!
Pistachio croissant from Caffè Sorrentino.
Why not have a milkshake at the airport?!


Only a handful of Chili’s exist in Alberta and one of them is at YEG (Edmonton International Airport)! This is usually our airport go-to, for drinks (margaritas anyone?! They’re shaken 25 times to perfection!) A full breakfast menu (for those early morning flights). A kids menu to satisfy the little ones. And a great Fajitas platter (choose 1, 2, or 3 proteins for your plate!) Something you may not realize is that travellers at the airport are now allowed to drink (alcohol!) anywhere in the terminal after security! So you can grab a drink to take to your gate while you wait to board. (I wasn’t kidding when I said your vacation starts at the airport!)

Pre-flight margarita anymore?
Love soup at Chili's!
A fajita platter with chicken, steak and shrimp at Chili's!

Indigenous Interpretive and Retail Centre

The Indigenous Interpretive and Retail Centre is part of the airport’s reconciliation journey, where you’ll find information about Indigenous history and culture in interactive ways. Don’t miss the light-up Alberta map of Treaties, First Nations, and Metis Regional Zones along with teachings about the stars, and take a moment to appreciate the thoughtful and intentional art and design of the space—including the ceiling design depicting the Northern Lights.

Along with the educational aspects, this area also includes a storefront showcasing authentic Indigenous-made products curated by the Indigenous Box. The retail section features traditional and contemporary products, with all proceeds going directly to Indigenous artisans and entrepreneurs! You also don’t need to buy and carry on with you—they have a convenient online catalogue you can access and order/ship to your home for a treat once you get home after your trip too!

Love the Indigenous Interpretive and Retail Centre at YEG Edmonton International Airport.
Inside the Indigenous Interpretive and Retail Centre.
The Indigenous Interpretive and Retail Centre.
Interactive + educational!
Loved this part of the centre.
What treasures will you find?

Lole/Outdoor Edmonton

If you’re not eating on vacation, you’re probably shopping, right? And if your vacation starts at the airport, well math suggests that you should probably pick up a few things at the airport to take with you on your trip, right?! Sounds right to me! Pop into Lole/Outdoor Edmonton to pick up some quality lifestyle and activewear, clothing and accessories for outdoor adventures, vacay workouts, and everyday living.

Vacation shopping starts at the airport!
Browsing at Outdoor Edmonton.
Get some items from Lole!

Flight Stop

We do our best but inevitably we forget to bring things for our vacation and when that happens, Flight Stop is there to save the day with all sorts of items designed to make your life, flight, and vacation more convenient. Also: snacks! And more grab and go food options. Flight Stop can make all the difference in a stress-free start to your vacation.

Always need to stop for snacks!

Those are just six of more than 40 shopping and dining options available at YEG Edmonton International Airport to help get your vacation started early!

Be sure to browse the rest of the options and plan to arrive a little earlier to give yourself time to explore and enjoy.

Also, save room on your carry-on in anticipation of the gifts and grab-and-go items you might discover in the terminal.


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jetSet Parking is proudly locally owned and operated, offering convenient, low price airport parking to meet every traveller’s budget. They provide complimentary shuttle service between the terminal and parking lot that is available at all times. jetSet is a parking partner to the YEG Edmonton International Airport.

There's lots to explore at the YEG Edmonton International Airport!


I’m giving away $100 YEG Bucks—which can be redeemed at any shop / restaurant the YEG Edmonton International Airport. 

To enter:

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Disclosure: this post is sponsored by YEG (Edmonton International Airport). This does not impact opinions or views stated in this post. I think the Edmonton International Airport and its shops + restaurants are awesome and I am all for getting your vacation started early!!


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  • Amelia L says:

    Arrive early or in the nick of time depends on destination. Most of the time it’s arrive early.

  • Kyle Bodnar says:

    yes, always arrive early at the airport to get checked in, go through security, grab something to eat or drink, get snacks and beverages for the flight depending on length

  • Kandace Kutzan says:

    I like to arrive at the airport early. Less stress.

  • Kelsey gallie says:

    I am an arrive early kinda gal!!! Too much anxiety otherwise 🤣

  • Alana Hebert says:

    Arrive early always. You never know what the highway will do on the way out! Plus, I like to grab snacks, a beverage and maybe lounge at the bookstore, after security. I also like to watch the planes come in and watch them taxi on the runway….

  • Danielle says:

    arrive at the airport early. It’s a relaxing environment once you’ve passed security lines

  • Wendy Jensen says:

    “arrive at the airport early” – Flights are too expensive to miss.

  • Kiran Mertton says:

    Definitely an early bird

  • Cheryl Beck says:

    Definitely an “arrive early” person. I hate to be rushed as traveling is stressful enough these days. Plus, then I can grab a bite to eat or takeaway for the flight.

  • Eva Steinke says:

    Arrive early!!

  • Chris Buyze says:

    Arrive early at the airport for sure. Don’t mind being there for a pre flight drink or snack.

  • Laurel Mitchelson says:

    I’m an arrive early. But my partner is in the nick of time 🙃. Just adds a little extra stress before a flight!

  • Vicki says:

    I prefer arriving early for my peace of mind but my husband is more of an arrive in the nick of time kinda person and we’re usually running on his time unfortunately.

  • Janett says:

    Definitely arrive early all the way! You never know if the airlines need anything extra from you.

  • Vicki says:

    I prefer arriving early for peace of mind but my husband is more an arrive in the nick of time kinda person and we’re usually running on his time unfortunately…

  • Andrew Cook says:

    Arrive early when going on vacation to make sure I don’t miss out. Arrive just in time on the way home to get every last minute in.

  • Diane says:

    Definitely an arrive early-ish person!

  • Deanna Parsons says:

    I always try to arrive early! Hate the added stress of rushing!

  • Miranda Farrell says:

    I’m definitely an arrive early person.
    I like to get through, have breakfast and relax before being stuck on a plane for 5-8 hours.

  • Miranda Farrell says:

    Im definitely an arrive early person.
    I like to get through, have breakfast and relax before being stuck on a plane for 5-8 hours.

  • Beth Kobly says:

    Ooooh! I’m obsessively early! I hate being late, I feel best traveling when I can get through security and have spare time to walk around, grab a bite to eat, and get comfy at my gate.

  • Judy says:

    We always try to get there early now that we’re travelling with two small children.

  • Maggie Sloan says:

    I’m an early bird kind of gal!!!!! Therefore good food and fun shopping is a must! I loved your highlights of the yeg airport, it’s so beautiful and has so much to offer while we wait!

  • Connie says:

    Hubby and are definitely early arrivers

  • Karlee says:

    We try to arrive early. With 2 small children that is often a challenge. But we try our best.

  • Kimberly Chiles says:

    It’s nice to get there, get through the rigamarole, sit down for a coffee and mimosa and a snack and have time to wander before a flight boards!

  • Glynnis Golbeck says:

    I love airports, so I’m definitely an arrive early person! Time to shop, grab some flight snacks and something to read, Have something to eat at a restaurant, grab a coffee and watch planes land or people-watch!

  • Davita says:

    Usually a nick of time kind of person haha. I remember the days of only showing up an hour before a domestic flight, though I’m a little more responsible now 😆

  • Cheryl Leverette says:

    Early is always better for me.

  • Gina Wong says:

    I’m an “arrive at the airport early” traveller :)

  • Erin says:

    Always early. Once missed a flight, never again!

  • Katie Morgan says:

    Arrive early! Can’t miss the flight! Relax and get tea/snacks or wine!

  • TK says:

    Totally a “arrive at the airport early” kinda gal! Gotta get that complimentary carryon check in and explore the airport!

  • Ariana says:

    Husband – 3hrs early. Me – last call to board. Might even be calling my name over the loud speaker. Need that airport parking so I can fly into a spot just in time.

  • Mik says:

    I am an early arriver, I can’t help it! I feel like it’s genetic lol

  • Tina Crozier says:

    I need to be there early or my anxiety is through the roof!!!

  • Nick Liew says:

    “Arrive at the airport early” for sure since the airport chaos could be a chaos. Lol

  • Davina Liew says:

    I’m an arrive at the airport early type of person! I find it part of the travelling adventure and like walking around and looking at stuff.

  • Chantal Harry says:

    Arrive early! Well, as early as is recommended. We have a toddler and a 2 month old, so gotta be efficient but not too early!

  • Daina Mogg says:

    I always arrive at the airport late lol one time they almost didn’t let us on I was so stressed! But never missed a plane yet !

  • Janny liu says:

    Def early cuz we always travel with the little one in tow!

  • Heather says:

    We always arrive early for the kids to play at the parks at YEG airport. Once we were even playing at 5 am..screaming and running around like crazies.

  • Pho Dang says:

    I am and prefer to be an arrive early at the airport type of person. Ease of mind!

  • Danika says:

    Always arrive at the airport early!! But I’ve never really sat down at a restaurant before a flight!

  • Melissa says:

    Arrive early!

  • Hana Robertson says:

    Arriving with just enough time (30 mins or less) before boarding is the way to go!

  • Lina Torres says:

    Arrive Early! I’m never missing a flight ✈️ ever again 🙈. Love Chili’s & Café Sorrentino.

  • Heather says:

    I’m an arrive early person.

  • Donna Cao says:

    I’m an arrive early kind of person !!

  • Tina Der says:

    Arrive early!

  • Shannie Reyes says:

    We are arrive early type of travelers! Better to have time to go through security, and have a margarita at Chilis before the flight!

  • Karmen says:

    Arrive early for sure. Used to be able to get there on time, but way more uncontrollable now, so less stress to have more time.

  • Kelsey Glubis says:

    We always arrive early so we can spend extra time relaxing, have a drink or a bite to eat!

  • Jana Williams says:

    I am an ‘arrive at the airport early’ kind of gal.

  • Jana says:

    I am an ‘arrive at the airport early’ kind of gal!

  • Cherilyn Strom says:

    Always want to be an arrive early. It’s waaay to stressful to be just in time! (Been there done that!🙀)

  • Lyric Thomas says:

    I wish I was an arrive early person, but it’s usually in the Nick of time. Next time I’ll try to remember to be early to try some of those yummy snacks!

  • Natalie Hamilton says:

    I try to be an early bird!!

  • Andrew K says:

    I arrive at the time recommended! What does that makes me? Early ish? Probably closer to just in time – 1 hour before for domestic, 2 hours for international?

  • Ryan Robles says:

    Definitely arrive at the airport early…but with a toddler in tow…sometimes questionable!

  • Tara Rolof says:

    Arrive early at the airport!! I am going on my first flight ever in January and am nervous. This would be amazing for when we arrive to grab a bite before boarding. Thanks so much for the chance.

  • Alisa Petrisch says:

    I arrive hours early at the airport because I love relaxing and going though the shops. Once I go through customs it’s my time to treat myself before the flight.

  • Erica says:

    I arrive early to the airport but I have a beautiful dream of having a Nexus card so I can live on the edge and arrive just in the Knick of time!

  • Jiahui says:

    I am an arrive early kinda gal…. ✈️

  • Gina says:

    Arrive at the airport early!

  • Kathy says:

    Always arrive at airport early to relax. It’s too stressful the other way.

  • Jaimie says:

    I am forever and arrive waaaaaay too early kind of gal. Even earlier now that we are travelling with our four month old son! Travelling out of EIA in November to Hawaii and just used your parking code. Thank you!!

  • Lori says:

    We arrive early! I like to get through security with time to spare, and then I enjoy browsing in the shops!

  • Kelsey (yegkelsey) says:

    I’d rather arrive early than be stressing out that I might miss my flight. So I’m usually early, especially if I’m going somewhere fun! I love airports!

  • Catherine says:

    Definitely an early bird! Is it even a trip without a pre-flight cocktail?

  • Ryan von Eschen says:

    Definitely arrive early! Time to enjoy the after security amenities.

  • Alaina says:

    I like to arrive a wee bit early!

  • Elaine Bolivar says:

    We’re arrive early people, so we can eat & drink before we catch our flight. Why not start your vacation at the Yeg airport!

  • Mariah says:

    ⏰ Arrive early, always!!

  • Kaela says:

    Just in time!

  • Maria says:

    Arrive early, that way I can be more relaxed and enjoy some time touring the airport stores and see interesting stuff!

  • Connie Sparrow says:

    I’m an arrive at the airport early type. More interesting and relaxing!

  • Melanie Chow says:

    I try to arrive early… But sometimes it’s just in the nick of time!

  • Alison says:

    I like to arrive early enough to get a coffee and sit for a bit before boarding!

  • Danica Hans says:

    I was a nick of time traveller but with the kids I’ll definitely try to change that habit 😅 wish me luck lol

  • Dana Fontaine says:

    Thanks for the parking code and all the tips! I am definitely an arrive early person. I need that time to unwind and relax before boarding the plane as it’s normally such a rush leading up to the departure day to get everything done and in order before I leave!

  • Ashley says:

    Definitely an arrive early person! I’m that weirdo that likes airports and the whole travel day:)

  • Shannon McKinney says:

    Always arrive early! Got stranded in Thailand once and I don’t want to ever repeat that again

  • Muneeba says:

    Arrive early, especially with kids!

  • Hikari says:

    Just on time! I used to cut it close pre-kids Era!

  • Janine Rutledge says:

    I’m an arrive at the airport early person!

  • Cora says:

    I used to be the arrive right at the last minute possible gal but travelling in 2023 doesn’t allow for that. I am learning to enjoy arriving early and actually starting to have fun with; but it is more expensive!

  • Angela Zhou says:

    Arrive early and sit super close to the gate and stress the entire time because travel anxiety takes OVER.

  • Michelle says:

    I’m definitely an arrive early type of traveller. Sometimes too early but it’s less stressful that way :)

  • Andrea W. says:

    I’m always early. I like to stroll around airports

  • Corrina M says:

    My husband likes to arrive early and he’s who I usually travel with!

  • I definitely like to arrive early to avoid stress. I can kill time browsing, reading or people watching!

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