Review: Tutti Frutti (Whyte Avenue)

Tutti Frutti at 10420 Whyte Avenue.

Mike and I went to Tutti Frutti on Whyte Avenue with my brothers & sis-in-law a couple weeks ago. It was my first time at the frogurt shop. Previous to that trip, I had gotten all of my frozen yogurt desires satisfied at Twisted Yogurt which had stores more conveniently located to where I worked/lived.

Inside Whyte Avenue’s Tutti Frutti.

Tutti Frutti is a very hip, modern, brightly coloured and clean looking self-serve frozen yogurt shop. There weren’t a lot of people when we arrived but almost immediately after we showed up, it filled up – fast. It also filled up with all Asian people so I’m not sure if frogurt is the thing for Asians (hipsters?) strolling Whyte nowadays, but it seemed like it when we were there, lol.

Frogurt cups ready for you to fill at Tutti Frutti.

Tutti Frutti has a lot more frozen yogurt flavour options than Twisted Yogurt – it made it very difficult to choose! They alleviate this problem by allowing you try samples of the different flavours before settling on ~the one~ Flavours ranged from Death by Chocolate to Green Apple to Strawberry and more. (I should have written them down for this blog post, bad Linda!)

Toppings! at Tutti Frutti.

There are oodles of fresh and fun toppings to choose from as well.

My Green Apple Frogurt with Lychee Popping Boba, Strawberries, Kiwi and Pineapple.

I ended up going for the Green Apple flavoured frogurt with lychee popping boba, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple pieces. I am always more of a fruit toppings girl for my frogurt – I have no desires in adding weird candy or chocolate chunks in it.

Mike’s Tutti Frutti Creation: Banana Frogurt with Brownie, Cookie Dough, Apple and Strawberries

Mike got the Banana flavoured frogurt with brownie chunks, cookie dough, apples and strawberries!

Our frogurts were delicious and tasted natural, sweet and super refreshing. It also ended up being slightly cheaper in price than Twisted Yogurt which is a bonus. Tutti Frutti is opening in Southgate Centre next Sunday (free frogurt, prizes, gift card giveaways! Fun!) and a West Edmonton Mall location is supposed to open at the end of September. The Tutti Frutti website also says a location in Northgate Centre and Mill Woods Town Centre AND Windermere is the in the works, wow! Pinkberry also just opened at West Edmonton Mall so clearly frozen yogurt is not a trend that’s going anywhere anytime soon!! (Or perhaps it’s just late to reach Edmonton. I remember having having Pinkberry in California three years ago back when Pinkberry was all the rage in the U.S.)

There’s lots of seating at Tutti Frutti so I can see it being a good place to sit down and hang out while enjoying yummy fro-yo but it’s also good that it’s located on Whyte Ave. where you can stroll and soak up the sun while having fro-yo too.

The fresh taste, natural fro-yo and tons of variety in flavours and toppings will keep me coming back to Tutti Frutti! Both Mike and I agreed it’s better than Twisted Yogurt (but I still like Twisted Yogurt! I just like frogurt in general okay?) The fact that Tutti Frutti push the “froyo is healthy for you!” message heavily also helps make me want more. Annnd it will also help once they’ve opened up all of their locations and there’s one closer to me on the west-end so I can conveniently pop over there when the cravings erupt.

So have you been to Tutti Frutti? What did you think?!?


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