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Thai Flavours, 2570 Guardian Road

On Family Day Mike and I went to try Thai Flavours, a tiny Thai restaurant tucked away in the corner of a shopping area (name escapes me at the moment) at 2570 Guardian Road across from Lewis Estates. We had noticed it for the first time the week before while picking up some groceries at The Safeway in the same area.

A quick Google search brought me to great Urbanspoon reviews on it plus a website with an up-to-date by-the-day daily special section – I was impressed on that alone!

Thai Flavours. Small, cute place.

So when I say it’s a tiny place, I mean teeny tiny! I always thought my parent’s restaurant (King Noodle House 10615 97 St.) was small but the dining area of Thai Flavours is half the size of ours! That’s small! All the tables except two only seat two people. But other than “small”, my next first impression of Thai Flavours is “cute”! It’s a really cute, clean, little place. They also play cute twinkly music. A nice atmosphere for sure.

Menu at Thai Flavours

Thai Flavours boasts the most “authentic Thai food in Edmonton.” There’s definitely lots to choose from on the menu and they’re all named in Thai (adding to the authenticity, lol) so it was a bit difficult to decide what we wanted.

Pad Thai Tom Yum from Thai Flavours

I ended up ordering the Pad Thai Tom Yum which included fried rice noodle with Tom Yum paste, tofu, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and tomatoes served with crushed peanuts and shredded carrots. I also added shrimp to that for an extra dollar. It was a good meal but it wasn’t a great meal. It didn’t particularly stand out. I didn’t think there was enough meat or veggies for one thing. The amount of shrimp was pretty good for just an extra dollar though. (Price: $14.95)

Beef Satay at Thai Flavours

We also ordered the Beef Satay to start. It was delicious! It was marinated in “Thai spices” and served with a yummy cucumber sauce. (4 pcs: $6.50)

Pad Teriyaki (minus the vegetables) from Thai Flavours

Mike ordered the Pad Teriyaki with Rice. It normally comes with broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, mushrooms, topped with sesame seeds, cilantro, and green onions but he got it with basically no vegetables – groan. He is so picky. He did keep the bean sprouts in though. Lol. The chef actually had to come out and ask if he was sure he didn’t want any of the veggies, because it’s so weird that he’s ordering it with barely anything lol. Mike actually hated the sauce his came with, he said it tasted too watered down. I agreed when I tried it. (Price: $13.95)

Special Lunch Combo Poster at Thai Flavours

This poster kept glaring at me as well and made me wish I had ordered an individual sized Tom Yum Soup too. I love Tom Yum soup. I really want to come back to try their Tom Yum soup lunch combo. It feels like it would be way more reasonably priced for what you get.

Overal the food looked great, service was great, atmosphere was great, but overall both Mike and I didn’t overly enjoy our actual meals very much, even though I desperately wanted to for the sake of supporting small, local businesses lol. Plus as I said, it’s such a cute place:

Neat decor at Thai Flavours

Nice decor. ;)

Mike will likely never be back because he really didn’t enjoy his meal and he thinks the price is too steep for what you get – but as I said, I’d like to come back and try the Tom Yum soup. But to summarize – really cute place, only okay food.

So have you been to Thai Flavours? What did you think!?

Linda :)

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  • Trevor Davies says:

    Having actually been to Thailand a number of times, I can attest that Thai Flavors being as authentic as you’ll get in the city. I highly recommend the Tom Yum Goong as well as the Pad Cha(spicy). I’ve never experienced small portions on any of the dishes I’ve tried which have been many. I’ve been to many Thai restaurants in Edmonton and found Thai Flavors to be, comparably, very reasonably priced and delious as well. I would highly recommend them to the novice as well as the seasoned traveller to the Land of Smiles.

  • Linda Hoang says:

    Thanks for your comment Trevor! Good to know its authenticity stands. :)

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