Review: Rice Bowl Deluxe

Rice Bowl Deluxe at Suite 226 6655 178 Street

Mike and I decided to go bowling last Friday night at Callingwood Lanes. As a result, we decided to dine in the Callingwood area as well. We drove around and narrowed our dining choices down to a sushi restaurant or this very modern looking place called Rice Bowl Deluxe. (You can tell something is modern these days when it puts everything in lower case font type lol)

Inside Rice Bowl Deluxe

Rice Bowl Deluxe is very shiny. When you walk in you’re greeted with brightly coloured walls (orange and green really go well together, reminded me of Twisted Yogurt decor) and a sleek TV screen menu.

Menu at Rice Bowl Deluxe

There’s a great selection of items and it’s very reasonably priced. Everything is very Wok Box/Oodle Noodle-esque (but nicer, I think).

Mike ordered the butter chicken and rice bowl ($9.99).

Butter Chicken at Rice Bowl Deluxe

I ordered the teriyaki beef rice bowl ($6.99).

Beef Teriyaki at Rice Bowl Deluxe

We also ordered banana and green apple bubble tea (there’s also frozen yogurt! Lots of options).

Bubble Tea at Rice Bowl Deluxe

It was a very enjoyable meal made better by the fact that it was affordable and very came out very quickly. There was nothing spectacularly different or tasty about either of our dishes. If you’ve had butter chicken or teriyaki beef before then this will likely taste the same but obviously there’s nothing wrong that with that! :) Mike thought his butter chicken was “yummy” (direct quote).

The cashier said the restaurant celebrated its one year anniversary in February so they’ve gotten past the can-be-tough first year hurdle!

I will likely be back to Rice Bowl Deluxe! There are a lot of other items I’d like to give a try and at its prices, it would be very feasible to do so. :) It’s a nice, simple, fresh and fast Asian food restaurant that is worth a visit!

So have you been to Rice Bowl Deluxe?! What did you think?


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