Review: Nuovo Bistro (Italian) on 124 Street

124 Street is one of my favourite dining areas in Edmonton!

There are so many great, local restaurants serving up a lot of varied types of food on the street—from Ethiopian at Walia, pretzels at Zwick’s, pastries at Duchess, Spanish tapas at Bodega (I know the review I linked is for their Highlands location but I’ve been to the 124 Street location many more times and it’s just as if not more delicious and adorable!)—the list literally goes on and on, and includes the restaurant I’m writing about today:

Nuovo Bistro!

Nuovo Bistro, located at 10721 124 Street, is an Italian restaurant that opened about two years ago to not much fanfare but since then, I think they’ve been able to amass a fairly steady customer base—including me!

In the last year in particular, Nuovo Bistro has become one of my favourite lunch spots!

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Lunch sandwich special comes with a sandwich and your choice of salad, soup or fries.

Nuovo Bistro offers a great lunch sandwich combo—for $16-$17 you can get sandwiches like Italian Panini, Bourbon Mushroom Burger, Italian Sausage and Chicken Sandwich, each served with your choice of the soup of the day, an Italian Selvaggia Salad, Caesar Salad, or fries.

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Close-up of the chicken sandwich! Bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, and chipotle mayo.

See the full Nuovo Bistro menu here

I typically order a pasta at Nuovo Bistro, because pasta is life, and the pasta at Nuovo Bistro is delicious, though the sandwich deal is hard to pass up too.

Pro-tip: Go with someone who’s willing to share with you so you can have as much of the menu as possible, lol. 

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

A real hearty, good lunch.

The dishes at Nuovo Bistro are well-portioned, particularly for the pasta, you could say it’s heaping, and full of flavour! 

They make their sauces in-house (and they taste delightful) and they make some of their pasta noodles in-house too (some, not all, but pastas like their cannelloni and raviolis are made in-house).

In the case of where they don’t make it in-house, you’re still getting fresh pasta, made from the Italian Centre!

And bonus for my gluten-free friends / followers: Nuovo Bistro offers gluten-free corn pasta that they can substitute into most of their pasta dishes, and their salads can also be gluten-free! (But not the sandwiches). 

Presentation of dishes is also lovely here—we eat so much with our eyes, so that plating is important! 

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Spaghetti Carbonara at Nuovo Bistro could have been a touch saucier.

I’ve had meals at Nuovo and have also tried their food delivered to through Skip the Dishes a few times now.

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

We ordered Nuovo Bistro for Skip the Dishes one time and loved it!

Every meal in and out of the restaurant have been wonderful (though if you dine in, you do get lovely service too!)

My favourite Nuovo Bistro pasta is their Taglietelli Napoletano, with braised beef short ribs, pork ribs, veal, tomato sauce and a lovely herb cream fraiche. It’s hard for me to try other dishes because I always want to re-order the Taglietteli! 

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Tagliatelle pasta and carbonara at Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant!

Nuovo Bistro is cute, casual and comfortable, serving up quality food.

It’s not the same atmosphere or handmade pasta quality you might find at other Edmonton Italian restaurants like Uccellino, Cibo Bistro, or vivo ristorante (all three spots where I’d recommend the pasta in an instant—delicious!) but Nuovo Bistro certainly holds its own, and it does so in a really affordable way. 

Their tasty, heaping plates of pasta range from just $16-$20, which is a phenomenal deal considering pasta prices and portions you might find elsewhere. 

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Nuovo specials every day of the week!

Speaking of deals, Nuovo Bistro offers daily specials, like 25% of all sandwiches on Mondays, or 1/2 bottles of wine on Wednesday, 1/2 appetizers on Thursdays and Sundays. There’s something for you any day of the week here. 

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Cute Instagrammable Wall inside Nuovo Bistro!

Although I think they’ve got a steady stream of customers (including myself), it’s typically been quiet here every time I’ve gone into the restaurant. Hopefully that’s not an indication that things aren’t going well—because that’d be a shame.

I think the customers that do come are impressed enough to return (basing this completely on my own experience and the experiences of my friends, lol). But I want more people to experience Nuovo Bistro’s tasty offerings! 

Nuovo Bistro Italian Restaurant 124 Street

Prawn tagliatelle pasta special!

I think Nuovo Bistro is a lovely, casual little spot serving up generous portions of delicious pasta and great lunch sandwich specials, at really reasonable prices. The restaurant is located on one of my favourite dining strips in the city and joins a pretty solid list of great food options along 124 Street. You’ll get tasty and hearty helpings at Nuovo Bistro, and it won’t break the bank! 

So, have you tried Nuovo Bistro? What did you think? 


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  • I was first introduced to this restaurant when my friend held her bridal shower here. That initial experience was amazing. The food, atmosphere, ambience, service and location were excellent!

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