Review: Brunch and Bacon Feast at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Last weekend was all about the meat sweats at Pampa Brazilian Steak House!

Pampa, located at 9929 109 Street downtown, recently launched their Bacon Feast promotion and invited me and some of food loving friends down to try their bacon specials. I also had the pleasure of trying Pampa’s Sunday brunch offerings!

Read on for a recap of Bacon Feast + brunch, and enter to win Brunch for 2!

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse at 9929 109 Street.

If you’ve never been to Pampa, or aren’t familiar with the Brazilian Steak House style of dining, let me sum it up for you:

For one set price at Pampa ($49.95 per person), you get access to unlimited/all-you-can-eat meat and salad bar.

You get table-side service of ten different types of meat cuts including beef, pork, chicken, and lamb (which by the end of your meal you’ll be able to recite off all the exact cuts by memory).

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

First you take a photo of the meat. Then you eat the meat.

It’s quite fabulous – and quite a lot of meat, and is the only restaurant of its kind in the city.

Yes, there are other buffets and all-you-can-eat type spots, but none where servers continuously bring you meat to your table, and carve out pieces right then and there for you!

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Expansive salad bar at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse!

The 2nd Annual Pampa Bacon Feast means that throughout the month of April, for an additional cost of $14.95 per person, you get access to even more meat (wait, that’s possible?) – in particular, specialty bacon-themed items:

  • Bacon-wrapped boneless veal leg
  • Marinated crispy pork belly
  • Chocolate petite gateau dessert (warm chocolate cake, bacon-infused caramel sauce, topped with vanilla bean ice cream and caramelized bacon bits)
Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Gimme all the crispy pork belly.

The pork belly with zesty lime was a favourite for many at the table – also the bacon-wrapped chicken (which comes in the normal meat service).

I’m also a big fan of rump steak!

Service was fantastic (I’ve found that service at Pampa has improved considerably since my first visit back in 2012) and one thing they’ve gotten better at doing is asking if there were particular meats that were your favourite, or meats you haven’t tried yet, and then they’ll send those type of cuts to your table!

A non-meat item at Pampa that I am absolutely obsessed with and need to mention in this post also, is Pampa’s Pao de Queijo Brazilian cheese buns!

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

These cheesy Brazilian buns are to die for.

They are addictive and delicious and also come at you all-you-can-eat. They are also gluten-free! I basically devour upwards of 10 per sitting here.

Not recommended that you fill up on these because obviously the meat is the star but you just can’t help eating up these little buns.

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Cool to see all the different cuts of meat at Pampa being cooked on the rotisserie grill!

Pampa is the kind of place I say where you really can’t be eating here all the time for dinner (as much as you’d like to) because it can be so pricy. But, if you’ve been waiting to visit or revisit – timing it with Bacon Feast promotions makes a lot of sense!!

The fact that the $14.95 additional price also includes dessert (which normally, the all-you-can-eat set price doesn’t actually include dessert), also makes it good value.

Thank you Pampa for inviting us down to your Bacon Feast launch!

(See Sharman/Passion for Pork’s blog post about Bacon Feast here! and Sharon/Only Here for the Food’s recap here!)

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Great group at the Pampa Baconfeast launch!

My meat sweat-y weekend continued with Sunday Brunch at Pampa.

Apparently, they’ve been offering brunch since September but I really only just found out about it!

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Brazilian crepes for brunch at Pampa!

Best kept secret? Pampa’s brunch is just $29.99 per person, which is really on par with most buffet-style brunches in Edmonton.

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Salmon and eggs at Pampa brunch!

Slightly more expensive than their lunch (which is $24.99), Pampa brunch features specific, Brazilian brunch dishes like:

  • Rabanadas (French toast, nutmeg, cinnamon, and dulce de leche)
  • Panquecas de carne (Brazilian crepes, ground beef, fresh herbs, béchamel, tomato sauce, and parmeggiano)
  • Ovos Mexidos (salmon scrambled eggs, cheese, tomatoes, onions, garlic, parsley and oregano)
  • Feijoada (Brazilian-style black bean stew with beef and Pampa pork sausage)
    Arroz (white rice)

You also get unlimited access to 5 types of meat including:

  • Picanha (rump steak)
  • Linguica de Porco (pork sausage)
  • Coxa de Frango Assada (marinated frenched chicken legs)
  • Alcatra (beef top sirloin)
  • Leitao a Pururuca (BBQ pork belly with lime – similar to the Bacon Feast extra feature!)

It’s good selection (though I wish there were more egg options – I loooove eggs, especially at brunch!) That rump steak though, I tell you – is just to die for.

Easily my favourite cut of meat at Pampa (followed by the juiciest chicken / bacon-wrapped chicken, top sirloin, and pork belly).

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Mike’s favourite cut at Pampa – the Rump Steak!

We went to Sunday brunch at Pampa with Mike’s parents and it was their first time there – they thought the service and food was phenomenal.

Sadly, brunch does not include the tasty Pao de Queijo cheese buns, but you do get to choose from all their normal salad bar options!

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

That mousse though.

The only thing I actually dislike about Pampa’s offerings in general is that dessert isn’t included in the set prices (except for with the Bacon Feast promotion).

But their dessert is so tasty, if you do opt to pay more for it. (They also do a great job showcasing the desserts on a tray so how can you resist when it’s tableside? lol)

The Passion Fruit Mousse (whipped passion fruit mousse served with a mixed berry compote) is worth the additional $9.

Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Pork sausage at Pampa brunch with a happy Mike.

Brunch at Pampa was fabulous! It’s also nice to dine there in a less hectic/busy environment (brunch is much quieter than dinner!)

I was excited to have a go at both Bacon Feast and Brunch in a 3-day span.


Mmm. So that wraps up my very meat-y weekend!

Now I’m excited to give away Brunch for 2 so you can get your meat sweats on too!



(Valued at $60)

Here are the different ways you can enter this contest (please check off what you’ve done through the Rafflecopter widget below to qualify!)

  • Tweet this message: I want to try brunch at @EatPampaYEG! Hope I win @lindork’s giveaway. #yegfood #yeg 
  • Like and leave a comment on the Instagram post that I’ll be sharing @lindork!

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I’ll randomly select one winner after the contest closes on April 20, 2016.

* Note: Comments are moderated so if they don’t appear right away, don’t worry!

Thanks to Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse for offering this giveaway and inviting me to try Bacon Feast + Brunch!

P.S. It’s also worth noting that new to Pampa this summer are their Brazilian BBQ cooking classes! Fun date/friend date idea!


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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse invited me to their Bacon Feast launch and to try brunch. They also gave me brunch for 2 to give away for readers. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post (I wouldn’t say good things about it if I didn’t believe it to be true!) 


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