Recap: Wrapping up March

I missed a couple ‘Weekly’ recaps so I’m titling this “Wrapping up March” :) My memory is failing me now so this won’t be as detailed as in past recaps but basically I’ve still being doing a lot of web work which has been fantastic, but I also got some time to train with the senior affiliates producer who works on the Maritime shows! So through that I got more practice checking out NBC and CBS affiliate videos, working on how good my news judgment is by selecting stories that could air on the shows, more script writing practice by re-writing leads to the stories I end up selecting, learning more about the shortcut keys and general workflow of a producer preparing for a show. It was definitely interesting and I had a lot of fun!

I also got the chance to work on my own practice package. While I pitch story ideas basically on a daily basis, I don’t often go out to do interviews for them nor am I put as the reporter for it. So in this “practice” situation – my bosses let me spearhead one of the story ideas – setting it up, interviewing, writing a package script, voicing, editing etc. which has resulted in my practice package about NAIT being the only school in Alberta to now offer an iPhone/iPad app development program! So that was great learning as well.

And takcing on to that, I also got to go out on more shoots/interviews than before and that’s likely what I’ll be tasked with more next week — helping the assignment desk with lining up and interviewing for shorter VOs and VOSOTS.

As a side note, I’ve also been meaning to upload some videos/packs I’ve cut in the last little while but haven’t gotten around to it (plus I’m not sure if there are copyright issues with that lol).

Also next week I will be one step closer to having a better idea of what is in store for me once my practicum wraps up! Stay tuned. Meanwhile…

Here’s some of the articles I wrote for the website:

Linda :)

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