Recap: Volunteering for Santa’s Anonymous!

Santa's Anonymous Depot at 12345 121 Street.

I had meant to do up a blog post on my participation with Santa’s Anonymous sooner but well – life gets busy! But there is a solid week left of volunteering/donating that Edmontonians can partake in so I’m using this blog space to advocate that!

Excited to help out!

Three Fridays ago myself, Mike and our friends Logan and Brandy went to take part in the Santa’s Anonymous Wrapping Tweetup at Santa’s Anonymous Main Depot (12345 121 Street)! Mike and I went to wrap presents for Santa’s Anonymous last year and we really enjoyed it so I think we’re starting to make it a Christmas tradition!

Volunteers wrapping away!

Unfortunately we arrived late so the wrapping area was at full capacity! A lot of people were wanting to do a good deed and help out the less fortunate kids that night apparently! ;) Instead we were directed to the “bagging” area of the warehouse, which also desperately needs volunteers!

Bagging gifts for Santa's Anonymous!

There’s a variety of volunteer jobs you can do at Santa’s Anonymous from wrapping to sorting to bagging and to actually delivering the gifts. Our job “bagging” is the last step before the gifts get delivered. By the time the gifts get to the bagging section they will have been wrapped and sorted into gender/age boxes. We (as the baggers) then have to pick up a tag that lists addresses and children’s’ gender and ages, and go through various boxes to find stocking stuffer toys and wrapped gifts that match those gender and ages.

One of many, many piles of gifts to be delivered!

It doesn’t look that glamorous because we basically stuff a garbage bag with a couple of gifts and then throw it onto a pile for a specific location for delivery day but as long as the kids don’t see the garbage bag then I think it’s still magical, lol.

The volunteer board. Merry Christmas!

There was a lot of people volunteering on the same night as us but it still felt like there was an endless amount of gifts to be sorted, wrapped and bagged! So if you can make it out to the depot sometime this week, then I think it would really be great for your soul and great for the kids! The delivery dates are Dec. 17 and 18 so I believe you can volunteer right up until those days! Or better yet, volunteer to deliver!

My recruits ;)

And the more people you can bring to help out, the merrier! :) It’s not terribly fun work but it’s fun when you think of the cause that it’s going to. Imagine how much the work you did by either wrapping, sorting, bagging even – greeting other volunteers (because greeting is a volunteer job you can sign up for! ;)) is worth when those less fortunate kids open up their gifts on Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas!

I think next year I’ll try to squeeze in volunteering more than just the one night but you’ve still got a week of volunteering left that you could squeeze in!

If you want to volunteer or donate, get more information at the
Santa’s Anonymous Official Website!!

Click here to read about my first wrapping experience for Santa’s Anonymous!

Linda :)

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