Recap: My First Work-Christmas Party

Last Saturday Mike & I went to the Shaw/Global Christmas Party! It was my very first work-Christmas party. Last year technically I went to Mike’s Best Buy Christmas Party but that was different because it was his job not my job!

This was our first couple photo of the night! I wore a purple dress that Mike bought for my birthday a few months ago and he went and got a semi-matching purple dress shirt! (He got a dress shirt, tie, and handkerchief thing at International Clothiers all for only $20! Isn’t that a great deal?)

The party was pretty straight-forward. Some opening speeches, a funny opening video, then dinner and mingling/dance.

It took forever for our table to be called to go get food! And there was a TON of tables and a TON of people. Apparently it was over a thousand or something guests! Crazy big party. I didn’t think I’d get to go because when I RSVPed I was put on a waiting list first.

But then I got moved to the confirmed list and all was well! The people at our table were very nice and we also had ample opportunity to take photos throughout the night :)

It was a buffet dinner, kind of East Indian-themed. It was okay, I usually go overboard with buffets and pile on TOO much and then it makes the meal not as good, lol. Dessert came in a big platter for everyone at the table to pick at instead of going back out to a dessert buffet table. First time I chose dessert like that before so that was cool. I liked the chocolate covered strawberries the most :O)

The party was also “Sex and the City 2”-themed. I haven’t seen the movie but I guess there’s scenes where they go to Egypt or something because there were two photo opp-locations set up that were very Egyptian-esque! Really cool and nicely put together! (See the camel??)

We didn’t stay for very long because Mike and I aren’t really party animals, lol. But it was a fun time! I wish I had been able to sit with some of the Global editors because they’re the only people I really know from Global at this point since I only work once a week and I stay mainly within the edit suite area, but it was assigned seating.

I think for my first work Christmas party it was definitely a great one! I wish there were more door prizes/other prizes that were given away though :o) There were four — an iPad, a PVR, and two airline ticket things — so, really good prizes but just not enough! ;)

Also, I really liked how they wrapped the chairs!!!

Click below to go to my Flickr set with pictures from the event! :)

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