Recap: My first trip to Banff, Alberta!

Last weekend Mike & I took a trip to Banff! We had gotten a really good (we think) deal a few months ago for a two night stay package at the Banff Rocky Mountain Resort. So once I was able to confirm that my friend Rachel could cover my weekend editing shift, and that my brother could cover my shift at my parent’s restaurant, we packed our bags and took off!

I have never been to Banff before — which surprised a lot of people (and is also the same reaction I got when everyone found out the first time I’d ever been to Calgary was just last summer!)

We weren’t going with the intention to snowboard, we really just wanted to have a nice weekend in some place outside of Edmonton. So what we did end up doing for the most part was just checking out the entire main street of the town (we went into probably 90% of the stores), tried out some of their local eateries, went to the Banff Upper Hot Springs, explored the Fairmont Banff hotel and honestly — napped, lol. I had really wanted to go dog sledding and have a horse carriage ride but those were both extremely expensive so we couldn’t do it. :( So beyond our inability to afford extravagant fun, we are also just very simple souls. Lol.

On another note – I also took pictures!

@ the Fairmont!

@ the Banff fudge and candy store!

@ Eddie’s Burger + Bar!

@ Banff!

Overall it was a very relaxed time. The weather wasn’t the greatest however, the Saturday (which was our only full day there) was snowy and foggy so we could barely see any of the beautiful scenery but Sunday morning it was sunny, clear blue skies and we could see the mountains all around us! So pretty. We stopped for brunch in Canmore on the way home which was also nice and we also stopped at Cross Iron Mills outside Calgary too. I had the worst shopping day ever though, tried on a TON of stuff and hated how everything looked on me — boo.

Then I napped all the way home. Hehe.

Have you been to Banff?

What are some places you recommend me to check out during my next trip?? (I intend to include snowboarding on the mountains as part of my next Banff itinerary!)

Linda :)

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