Recap: My first time curling!

Last weekend I went curling for the very first time!! *audience clap* :)

It was at the Jasper Place Curling Club on the westend and it was a silent auction and curling competition to fundraise money for a friend’s handball team. I guess they needed money to go to Regina for a handball competition so what better way to raise money than to curl? Haha!

Leading up to the event I briefly looked at a “How to Play Curling” eHow article. That was the extent of my preparation! Although Mike and I did stop at Payless a half hour before the tournament started to get me a new pair of sports/indoor shoes (needed not just for curling that night but also because I’m starting to go out and do fitness classes more and outdoor shoes is frowned upon!) I was given a crash course of how the game works once I got there (pretty straightforward) but I definitely did not know how to slide out with the one leg or however the professionals do it. My first attempt before the tournament started both legs flew out from underneath me and I landed flat on the ground. After that I decided I would just slide on my knees lol.

The team I was on – “Rob’s Racers” lol, featuring myself, Mike, his friend Rob (who is on the handball team) and Rob’s girlfriend Nicole, played three different games and we also lost all three games! But I can say that my very first time sending the stone down the ice it ended up right near the red inner circle!! Unfortunately it was pushed out by an opposing team member but I was still proud. After that my performance level steadily decreased…

There was a pig or “hog” blanket that was also being passed around to players throughout the night. I learned that wearing the blanket symbolized that your stone did not make it pass the “hog line” during game play. Very clever. Haha. All four of us at some point definitely qualified to wear the blanket!

Overall, as I said, we failed. But it wasn’t about winning! It was about contributing to a good athletic cause and having fun while doing so. I am glad I went because I like trying new things and now I’ll be able to say “Oh I’ve curled before!” Plus now when it’s ever on TV I won’t instantly reach to change the channel, I’ll probably pause, watch a bit, and then change it. Lol. It was fun yes, but I think three games was more than enough so I’m kind of glad we didn’t get any further in the tournament. Go Team Rob’s Racers!


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