Recap: My Days as an Intern with Global Edmonton – First Day!

Welcome to the newest segment of my blog entitled “My Days as an Intern with Global Edmonton.” In these posts I will be recapping certain days of my internship, writing about things that I learn or want to learn more about based on my day, the kinds of things I contributed to, tips, successes, failures, etcetera. I tend to do these kind of blogs wherever I intern/work, some more extensively then others. I won’t be writing about things every day but I hope to have at least once blog post a week related to something about my time with Global.

As background for anyone who doesn’t know – I have been part time video editing for Global since September but my four-month practicum is based on producing (though I still get to keep my one-day-a-week video editing gig that counts towards my intern hours!) Anyway, I thought I would kick off my practicum and this segment with a short recap of what I did on my first day!

Basically the first day centered around working with/under the web producer guru Karyn – on the live blog page on the Global Edmonton website!

On that page you will see that my name is attached to several posts with many including photos :) Working on that section of the site today was awesome. As most of you will know, I love the Internet, making websites and updating websites. I think working as a web producer (at least for the first week for sure, but hopefully more after that) will be so much fun! The full list of things I did on my first day included:

  • Sitting in on 10 a.m. news meeting
  • Being assigned to work with the web producer for the day and the rest of the week (yay!)
  • Assisting in live blogging the Alberta Snow Storm by…
  • Going out and taking photos of the #Snowpocolypse
  • Sending out requests/searching for #Snowpocolypse photos from Edmontonians
  • Uploading photos to the Albeta Snow Storm webpage
  • Researching snow statistics in the region to add to the Snow Storm webpage
  • Rewriting snow-related news copy from 5/6 p.m. newscasts to add to Snow Storm webpage
  • Learning how to cut segments/commercials out of newscasts for the website
  • Learning how to edit website pages (added links in “Links in the News” page)

Here are a few of the photos I took today if you’re not interested in going through the actual Snow Storm site:

(Taken with newsroom camera. Colour-corrected with my Photoshop at home.
I don’t know if my computer at work is quick enough for Photoshop… lol!)

Overall I think I made a good impression :) I feel I showed I was technologically saavy and eager and I also let Karyn know that I can / am interested in writing too – which is an important aspect of being a web producer. As I wrote above, I’ve been assigned to work with web producing for the rest of the week and we’ll go from there! As a total web head and geek and overall person who is online all the time – I’m super excited.

With print reporting experience under my belt I’m looking forward to getting TV producing experience too! It should be fun and hopefully open more opportunities for me in the future.

My friend Jasmine asked me after my shift during dinner today if this means I’m done with reporting because I’m doing a producing internship and I’ve been thinking it over all night and the answer is no! I love reporting and I think I’m a good reporter and can be a great reporter. I can definitely see myself continuing to pursue reporting in the future but as I said at this time I’m just super eager to learn how to produce (produce newscasts/produce content for news websites!) and it’s another great experience I hope to take in to its fullest to help shape me into the multi-everything media person I currently am and hope to become in the future! :)

I hope my Radio &Television classmates all had great first-day-of-practicums too!

Stay tuned!!

Linda :)

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