Recap + Giveaway: Throwing axes at Bad Axe Throwing

Did you know indoor urban axe throwing is a thing?

In my endless search of unique things to do in Edmonton, I found myself throwing axes for fun on a Thursday night earlier this month.

I’d been hearing more about axe throwing as a mainstream sport recently – with the opening of Axe Hole Edmonton last fall.

Now the company Bad Axe Throwing – which has locations across Canada – has opened an Edmonton location and I got a chance to check them out at an Instagram Meet-up last week!

Read my recap and scroll to the bottom to enter for a chance to win passes for 2 to Bad Axe! 

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Throwing axes like badaxes at Bad Axe Throwing.

Axe throwing is… exactly what it sounds like!

You come together to throw axes – using varying techniques, varying types of axes, and generally in a competition style.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Mike really got into axe throwing.

Bad Axe Throwing is located in a converted garage/warehouse, with some pretty cool decor on one side, and throwing lanes (wood pallet targets) on the other side.

Unlike some other axe throwing companies, Bad Axe specializes in (and encourages) group events.

You need to book a group in order to reserve an axe throw lane.

They promote it as a great outing for birthdays, corporate groups/team building, and other parties.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Busy night of axe throwing. P.S. plaid is the unofficial axe throwing uniform!

Our evening started by reading/filling out a waiver form, then we got a crash course in safety and axe throw technique from our host Jeff (the ‘Viking’).

You can do a single axe throw, double axe throw, try some axe throw tricks (eyes closed, back turned away from the target, underhanded, etc. Basically more dangerous, riskier types of throws, lol).

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Axemaster Jeff explaining how the night’s going to go.

The main goal of urban axe throwing is to throw your axe and try to stick it in the target.

The closer to centre you get the axe, the higher your points are.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw


I have to admit the novelty of throwing axes can wear off pretty quickly.

The good thing is once you’re done practicing the basic throws, you move onto axe throw games which is both fun and competitive!

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Group axe throw games.

Our big group split into four smaller groups where we spent the next two hours running through different types of axe throw competitions.

In between each throw, Jeff tallied up points and offered helpful tips on grip, feet position, back sway and other techniques to help us improve our throws.

(Get more axe throw technique tips here!)

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Hold it with a tight grip!

You really do feel like a ‘badaxe’ when throwing axes.

Here’s a slow-mo video to illustrate my point:

Tattoos + axe throwing = truly bad axe throwing.

I feel like we came out of our bad axe throwing experience more capable in a zombie apocalypse type of situation.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Welcome to BadAxeton.

I’m all for alternative, unconventional ways to spend your time with friends so I think Bad Axe Throwing (and Axe Hole and other urban indoor axe throwing concepts) are a great addition to the many ways you can ‘Explore Edmonton.’

Dinner? Movie? Mini-golf? No thanks, I’m going to throw some axes, you might say.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

How’s my axe form?

When I mentioned I was throwing axes, a lot of people shared a similar sentiment – ‘that seems pretty dangerous.’

I mean it can be, for sure. But the staff at Bad Axe Throwing stress safety.

You must always wait before throwing your axe if someone is in front of you or near the target and you need to tightly grip the axe handle before your throw. Just general awareness of your surroundings is highly encouraged in an axe throwing scenario.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

What shoes do you wear to axe throw?

While it is considered a sport (a super Canadian sport), know that you can also wear heels to axe throw without it really impacting your overall skill, ha ha.

If you’re wondering, plaid is also the unofficial uniform for axe throwing as the majority of our group showed up in plaid.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Great mural at Bad Axe Throwing!

At about $50 per person for a couple of hours of axe throwing, it does lean on the pricy side.

But in comparison – we recently did segwaying through the river valley which costs $60 per person so – this is really on par with that type of alternative outing.

I suppose the bigger hurdle is rounding up a big enough group of friends and committing to a deposit in advance to hold your spot, but again, they emphasize a night out axe throwing as a great way to celebrate a birthday, occasion, bachelor/bachelorette party, corporate/team building event and in those instances it wouldn’t be that difficult to get a bunch of people together.

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Inside Bad Axe Throwing.

Overall, I really enjoyed throwing axes at Bad Axe Throwing. I think it was fun, challenging, and something I’d honestly never done before. Plus, it made for some great photos/videos. Really, half the fun is photographing/filming the bad axe night! I found if you were simply just throwing axes for two hours, that would get pretty boring – but the different games and competitions really added to the excitement.

Mike however, was less convinced at the value of it – maybe it’s the country boy in him, he says if he wanted to throw axes, he could just do it at his parent’s farm.

But I think if you’ve never done it before, you should definitely try it – and maybe you’ll love it so much you’ll want to start or join an axe throwing league (because that’s also a thing).

Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Double axe!

Now if you do want to try your hand at axe throwing, I’m giving away two passes so you and a friend can get your bad axe booking for free!

Note – as they only book for bigger groups, you’ll need to round-up some other pals for axe throw fun!


This is an Instagram-based giveaway, so all you need to do is head over to this Instagram post and leave a comment on the post telling me what your signature axe throw would be, and tag a friend you’d like to take with you to axe throw!

I’ll select a winner from those who commented after the giveaway closes on May 1, 2016.

There are some pretty hilarious/creative signature axe throw comments already, looking forward to your comments!


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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. Bad Axe Throwing invited me to an Instagram Meet-up where a group of us got to try axe throwing for free. They also provided me two passes to give away to Instagram followers. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post. 

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  • Georgina says:

    I had a wonderful experience with indoor axe throwing. It’s fun and relieves a lot of tension built up from the workweek. Very similar to, and it is very cool to hang out with friends. It was a really great experience and something different.

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