Purina Pet People: 3 Ways My Pets Make Life Bigger and Better!

“Pets don’t just make life better. They make it bigger.” 

Every day I am in awe of our pets and the joy they bring into our lives.

I truly believe pets make life bigger and better – which conveniently enough is what Purina’s new Live Big Campaign is all about.

#LetsLiveBig celebrates the impact pets have had on our lives, and looks at what we can do to improve theirs.

Followers of my social media accounts will know a big chunk of the content I share each day is related to my pets.

The campaign got me thinking all mushily about how Thor, Loki, Olive, and Artie have improved mine and Mike’s lives, and I wanted to share some of those ways with you.

1. They start the day right

Each morning we wake up next to (or underneath) our dogs Olive and Artie.

Our cat Loki is sleeping above my head and my Thor is waiting in the bathroom to shower and get her teeth brushed with mom (seriously).

Shower Thor

Thor showers with me every morning!

We look forward to waking up and starting each day because our pets are there to start it with us.

So much of our time is spent at work or events, that it makes those quiet morning moments with our furbabies that much more special.

Days that don’t begin with my four pets in tow never feel as good.

2. They make life meaningful 

Everyone’s lives and outlook on what makes a happy and fulfilling life are different, but for us, having pets certainly makes life meaningful.

Not to say other aspects of life don’t give us purpose, but caring for, spending time with and finding ways to make our pets’ lives better has made ours better.

The way they look at us, the way they “talk” to us, their unique personalities (because they all have their special quirks and traits), and the different needs or expectations they have of Mike and I, truly dictate our days, weeks, months.

Happy Olive

This is actually what happiness looks like.

We choose to do or not do things based on the needs and well-being of our pets and they make even the simplest things in life more special. Naps for instance are 10x better when you’re being cuddled in every direction by your pets.

They are our family and I truly feel life would be empty without them.

3. They’re there for us

Few things in life are more reliable than your companion animals.

There’s nothing quite like being greeted by all four of our furbabies when we open that front door.

Olive and Artie are always up for a drive – no matter where we go. They’re also the perfect walking companions.

Their unbridled enthusiasm is contagious. You can’t help but smile with them.

The disdain Thor shows almost everyone else but us (cats, amirite?) is heartwarming.

And Loki’s purrs are a guaranteed pick-me-up. Once that motor gets going, our spirits are lifted.

I love resting my head right by Loki’s belly to maximize the healing powers of the purr, especially when I’m having a bad day.

Loki Woke Up Like This

Prince Loki.

Purina gets that pets make lives bigger and better. Together, Purina believes we can make a BIG difference in the lives of pets. From inspecting every ingredient for quality, to ensuring pet food is 100% safe, to spending more healthy years with your best friend, those are just some of the BIG steps they’re taking to push pet care forward.

I’m proud to be a Purina partner, knowing the company is trying to advance the lives of pets everywhere.

Learn more about the Purina Live Big Campaign here!

Silly Artie

Silly Artie!

So, how do your pets make life bigger?

I’d love to read your pet stories in the comments below, or tweet me and use hashtag #LetsLiveBig.



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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. This blog was posted as part of my Purina Pet People brand ambassador partnership. This has no impact on opinions stated in this post.

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