Preview: Doctor Who’s David Tennant and Matt Smith coming to 2018 Edmonton Expo

The Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo (AKA Edmonton Expo, our city’s biggest pop culture convention) returns this September 21-23, 2018, AND I NEED TO START WRITING IN ALL CAPS NOW BECAUSE THERE IS NOT ONLY ONE DOCTOR COMING TO THE EXPO THERE ARE TWO.


Both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors from Doctor Who, David Tennant and Matt Smith, will be coming to the 2018 Edmonton Expo for photographs, autographs and panels.


Keep scrollin’ to read about my love for all things Doctor Who, and enter to win a pair of weekend passes to the Expo! 

Matt Smith - Edmonton Expo Comics Entertainment

The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, will be at the Edmonton Expo on Sept. 22.

David Tennant - Edmonton Expo Comics Entertainment

The Tenth Doctor, David Tennant, will be at the Edmonton Expo on Sept. 23.

So. If you haven’t already gathered, I’m a big Doctor Who fan.

Both Mike and I are. 

God damn. I love it so much.

The characters, the writing, the worlds. 

Doctor Who guests are always our biggest Expo draw.

A couple years ago we got a photo with Peter Capaldi (The Twelfth Doctor, a wonderful man with wild hair!) at the Calgary Expo, and the year before that, a photo at the Edmonton Expo with Jenna Coleman (The Twelfth Doctor’s companion Clara Oswald, who was super sweet albeit a bit frazzled by all the fans there to see her lol).

Edmonton Expo Comic and Entertainment Doctor Who

Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor, was so wonderful! And we loved his wild hair.

Mike and I even casually cosplayed as the Twelfth Doctor and Clara one year!

(No one got it lol, we were maybe too casual lol). 

Edmonton Expo Comic and Entertainment Doctor Who

Mike and I casually cosplayed as the Twelfth Doctor and companion Clara at the Calgary Expo a few years ago!

We’ve also seen John Barrowman a.k.a. Captain Jack Harkness at Calgary Expo (his panel was amazing!!!!) and I was devastated that we missed Alex Kingston (River Song) in Edmonton last year (we were out of town).

Edmonton Expo Comic and Entertainment Doctor Who

It was a pleasure to see John Barrowman AKA Captain Jack at an Expo!

Some people go to the Expo for the artwork.

Some people go for the games.

Some people go for the comics.

Some people go for the cosplay. 

Mike and I go to the Expo for Doctor Who!

Edmonton Expo Comic and Entertainment Doctor Who

Doctor Who cosplay is a top cosplay choice at any Expo, any year.

Because we were a bit late to the Doctor Who party, we felt like we had missed David Tenant and Matt Smith’s Expo appearances in particular. Every Expo we go to, while fun, and has lots to offer, still left us hoping “maybe David Tennant or Matt Smith will be there next year.” 



Look, I need to pause here and assure readers that I would totally be calm, cool and collected around them, I’m actually quite a chill fan lol and obviously, if I was doing something like hosting a panel with one of them (HINT, HINT, Edmonton Expo! lol) I would present myself in the utmost professional manner, lol but this is my blog and I can use as many exclamation marks and capital letters of excitement that I want to while previewing this okay.



Now, the Edmonton Expo is encouraging my behaviour by providing me a pair of weekend passes to give away to another Doctor Who fan!


You’ve got a few different ways to enter for a chance to win a pair of weekend passes to the Edmonton Expo Sept. 21-23, 2018:

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which Doctor is your favourite and why. 
  2. Enter on my Facebook Page (telling me who your fav Doctor is, why, and tagging a friend). 
  3. Enter on Twitter by tweeting the following: I am so excited David Tennant & Matt Smith are coming to the @EdmontonExpo Sept. 21-23! @lindork is giving away a pair of weekend passes. Enter to win: #EdmontonExpo #yeg @DoctorWho_BBCA 
  4. Enter on my Instagram post (telling me who your fav Doctor is, why, and tagging a friend).

You can do one of these things or all of these things to qualify.

If commenting on here, please note comments aren’t moderated and may not appear right away!

I’ll randomly select a winner from ALL entries received across all platforms by August 22.

If you don’t win, and you are a Doctor Who fan, obviously you’ll need to buy tickets to go. lol. 

Edmonton Expo runs Sept. 21-23, 2018 at the Edmonton EXPO Centre 
Fri: 4:00PM – 9:00PM, Sat: 10:00AM – 7:00PM, Sun: 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Tickets and Information

Thank you to the Edmonton Expo for providing me a pair of weekend passes to give away for my blog preview! 

P.S. I blended that David Tennant and Matt Smith photo at the top of this post together myself—that’s how excited I was to write this post and have a nice image that represented them both. lol. 


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  • Jenn says:

    Really love Christopher Eccleston but I have to say Matt is a close second with his portrayal. But my heart just beats away seeing Christopher on screen

  • Kaylee Wray says:

    I have been in love with all of them but now that I am waiting for the next series David Tennant is who I have deeply fallen in love with…again. I am hoping to meet him in person on the Sunday he is here! Hopefully I don’t have a mental breakdown when I do. He is just so dang friendly. Have you seen videos of him meeting fans? Oh my heart. He’s my favorite because of his intensity as an actor, but my favorite as general real life person. <3

  • I have 2 favourite doctors. Matt Smith for a Good Man Goes to War (and come on, what better dynamic is there than the doctor and Amy Pond?) and Tenant because he made me fall in love with the series in the first place.

  • Jackie says:

    I loved Christopher Eccleston as Doctor Who mostly because of his relationship with Rose!

  • Ben says:

    David Tennant. Must meet my favourite Doctor!

  • Jaclyn says:

    Yes, another Jackie. (Hey other Jackies. ????????‍♀️) My favorite by far is David Tenant…absolutely! I loved how emotional his doctor was. I felt his doctor was still silly and fun but a little more tragic & angry than some of the others.

  • David Tennant is my favourite Doctor, because he’s the first one I was introduced to. My husband got me hooked on Doctor Who by starting me with “Blink”. Then we started from the very beginning of the series and I was like “who the heck is this guy and what happened to the other Doctor?” David Tennant made the character his own – he was funny, hyper, stylish, sexy, and warm-hearted. And man, what a great head of hair too!

  • Anika Wong says:

    The 11th Doctor is my favourite! I got into the Doctor Who series watching the 11th doctor season and fell in love with his energetic, youthful, and joyous character! Matt Smith does a fantastic job potraying this doctor and I love him for his smile and laughter and hilarity.

  • Ed says:

    Matt would probably have to be my favorite since it was him who introduced me to the series.

  • Ed says:

    Probably Matt for introducing me to the show

  • Andre says:

    Matt Smith was my very first Doctor so the chance to meet him would be a dream come true. After watching him I went back and started from 9 and have watched every episode since and the movies. I am so excited for the new season with a new doctor but Smith will always have a special place in my heart.

    It is like they always say, you never forget your first…(Doctor that is).

  • Tim Armstrong says:

    Sounds like everyone needs to explore some classic Dr.Who episodes and discover the greatest of the incarnations in Tom Baker, the 4th Doctor. ????

  • Chantelle Behrens says:

    The Tenth Doctor is my favourite because of his attitude, and his love life.

  • My favourite doctor is still Tennant, but Capaldi gave him a run for his money! They both brought a really fabulous depth and gravitas to the character as well as hilarity and I loved them both!

  • Jody Serner says:

    Mine has to be Chris Eccleston. I never really “got” Dr. Who when I was growing up – the PBS reruns would always be out of order, and I just gave up on what was going on.. But after watching “Dalek” in 05, I was hooked. After reading up on Chris’s other works, I found out that he was a primary caregiver to his father who had Alzeimers/Dementia, and is a huge supporter of helping find a cure. As someone who has a parent that has been also ravaged by this disease, he has my utmost respect for trying to help as many people as he can. A true Doctor on and off screen!

  • Albert Chiu says:

    Not a Doctor Who fan (sorry!) but since I’m a big Battlestar fan, I’m excited to see Katee Sackoff as well as a few others.

  • Jessye says:

    Matt Smith is my favourite, I’ve only seen a few seasons of dr who and Matt was my favourite version of the show and he’s the reason I fell in love with the shows

  • Stephen S. says:

    My favourite is David Tennant cuz he was the Doctor when Billie Piper was on the show and I’ve loved her since her Brit-Pop days (♫ DO YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND YOU LOOKIN’ REAL COOL ♫) but yeah. Anyway. He was the best.

  • Carley Graham says:

    #11 was my fave! Matt was just amazing and I loved the way he played off of his companions! I legit ugly cried when he regenerated! (Don’t get me wrong I loved Capaldi after him lol). And John Barrowman will also be there, and that man is my spirit animal!!!

  • Krista says:

    Depending on my mood I have different favorited. I love the Doctor period. I relate most to 12. I would love to be fun like 11. 10 made me cry the most when he regenerated.

  • Lindsay says:

    I love all the doctors but my fave is and always Christopher Eccleston as he was my first doctor.

  • Breanna says:

    My fave doctor will always be Matt Smith!! Gotta love the raggedy doctor and Amelia Pond

  • Darren says:

    Matt Smith ’cause bowties are cool ????

  • Monica I says:

    I have enjoyed each version (actor) rendition for The Doctor thoroughly! I watched the original series in the 70’s as a kid and had a little disconnect when it rebooted, but I’d give great kudos to Christoher Eccleston tackling that task. Matt Smitth & David Tennant were just joyful.

  • Kirsten Opdebeck says:

    So difficult to choose! I loved Tom Baker and Peter Davidson’s renditions of the Doctor, and David Tenant is a behemoth of a talent that I normally from a critical stand point I’d choose him, but I would have to say for me on a personal level it’s Matt Smith – he was the first doctor to draw me into the ‘new’ Who, and he has so many of the mannerisms and joy of all the previous Doctors all rolled into one youthful ball of energy, you just can’t deny him!

  • David says:

    I am a fan of the first doctor, William Hartnell. I watched the first episode from behind my Mums chesterfield and have been watching ever since, on the couch.

  • Daniela says:

    I’m a HUGE fan of the 11th Doctor. He was the first one I saw and it got me right away. His “Bowties are cool”, his little fez and awesome personality made me a whovian. I just love the raggedy doctor tbh hahaha…
    I still keep rewatching all his seasons and I’ll never get tired

  • Maria says:

    Omg Linda! I totally got your excitement! I must meet these Doctors! I love Matt Smith because he introduced me to Doctor Who! I remembered I was flipping channels and then boom ???? I watched “The eleventh hour”. I totally fell in love with the story! From the eleventh Doctor series my fave epi is “Vincent and the Doctor”. I totally lost it and wept like crazy! Omg I wish I had a Twitter and FB to increase the chance of winning lol

  • Jaret Schemerhorn says:

    Matt Smith…..”squeeky bum time”, best line ever…

  • Linda says:

    I’m definitely torn between David Tennant and Matt Smith. If I HAD to choose, it would be David Tennant. My son would pick a Dalek though!

  • Laura says:

    David Tennant! He’s an amazing actor and he completely nailed the balance between battle-worn survivor and enthusasiastic traveller in his portrayal of the Tenth Doctor.

  • Anthony P says:

    Ah my Doctor used to be Tom Baker back in my youth (with the manic eyes, shifting expressions going from quiet to excitement to zaniness to commanding, the scarf, the genius disposition) but it was all supplanted by David Tennant in the new series as his gift of comic timing, giddy joy at his adventures, deadly seriousness towards the villians, and the emotions of love, sadness, joy, loss, and so much more it was an acting tour-de-force that made me see the Doctor in a new light and recaptured my own love of adventure!

  • Rup says:

    David Tennant, he just had such a great emotional range and I loved the different dynamics with his companions!

  • Steven says:

    Matt Smith was my first so would likely name him as my favourite but I loved Capaldi.

  • anna says:

    Tennant was always my doctor and I remember seeing Matt Smith first one and actually being disgusted and sooo diaapppinted. them I watch him and rewatch, and let’s be fair, watched a couple of more times, and now they are both my favourites. actually getting the text from my hubby today telling me that they’re both coming to the expo made me fangirl squeal out loud at work lol.

  • Isabella Estrella says:

    I really enjoy Tom Baker’s take on the role. His ability to find the humour in any situation is wonderfully entertaining!

  • Ioanna Engarhos says:

    My favorite doctor is 100% Matt Smith. I also love the 10th doctor, but there is something about Matt’s portrayal of the doctor that resounds with me deeply. You really see how much he prioritizes others around to the point of a fault. You could also see how dangerous he is, and how dark he is, and how very old he is. Also, he is really dependent on others and what they think of him. But I also love the 11th doctor because he’s funny and goofy, and leaves a little hint of his past selfs. While I loved Rose, Donna, Martha and the rest…Amy, Rory, and Clara I think brought out the best in the doctor.

  • Lindsay says:

    The 11th Doctor will always be my favorite and is, legitimately, the entire reason I started watching Doctor Who in the first place. I had heard of Doctor Who before and even watched the episode “Blink”, which I enjoyed, but I felt no real pull to continue watching the show. Then I stumbled on “The Christmas Carol” on Christmas Day. Quite simply, Matt’s protrayal of the Doctor was the first one I actually believed. He was the only one I could really believe was older than he appeared and beared the heavy weight of age/experience on his shoulders. I, actually, was cleaning out my old computer a couple months back and ended up finding the draft of a message I wrote when Matt announced he was leaving Doctor Who. (I seem to remember someone on Tumblr asking for messages that they were going to put in a scrapbook to give to Matt at the 50th Anniversary in London. I can’t even remember if I, actually, sent it to them or just wrote the draft and then forgot about it; which is much more likely, knowing me). So, I will quote what I said at the time, which was that Matt “captured the perfect essence of a thousand year old Time Lord. An old soul in a young frame with underlying darkness and wisdom buried beneath alien silliness. Forever young-at-heart yet, unmistakably weathered from living a very long life. Old and young, light and dark”. That is why the 11th Doctor was immediately my favorite Doctor then, and still remains my favorite Doctor now. He will always be the standard I hold all other Doctors against.

  • Diane Fraser says:

    Matt Smith is my absolute favourite, mostly for his goofiness. I also LOVED the speeches he always gave. But, he’s my favourite perhaps most importantly, because it was Matt that got me hooked on Doctor Who. He was the first doctor I saw, and then I went back to the first episode of the reboot and watched all of them! I think the 50th anniversary was the best, though. David Tennant plays a close second as my fave, and seeing them together was just awesome!

  • Zoran says:

    David Tennant – childhood memmories! :D

  • Julian Finn says:

    We’re a split Doctor family.

    I grew up with he show and Tom Baker will always be my Doctor. My wife even made me his scarf (9 feet, not 12) and I wear it all winter. My wife started off as a Tenant fan but has decided that Capaldi is her favorite. Both my kids are Matt Smith forever. My daughter will even sometimes wear a fez out in public. We’re trying to discourage that.

  • Jonathan Warrington says:

    I’ve liked all of the recent ones, but if have to say probably Matt Smith as he brought a lot of energy and craziness to the role.

  • Barb Larochelle says:

    My favourite doctor is the 10th Doctor, David Tennant. I really loved how he was with all his companions. Rose, of course, but also, Martha and especially Donna.

  • Desmond SEO says:

    Its hard to pick my favorite. Sometimes the creative team (writers and directors) have so much influence on any given season or episode. Some of the earlier Doctors would probably have been very popular in a more updated version of the show, but hey, when something is so successful for so long with so many different leads, then that says something.

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