Preview: A Taste of the 5th Annual Strathearn Art Walk

Earlier this week I got a chance to preview the food offerings that will be featured at the Strathearn Art Walk on Saturday, Sept. 10.

My friend / former colleague Kristen is on the Strathearn Community League and organizing committee for the popular walk, which is now in its 5th year!

Kristen asked if I was interested in coming to try the league’s “Signature Pulled Pork Sandwich” and vegetarian dish (Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry on Rice) with some of my friends. I happily obliged!

Strathearn Art Walk 2015

A drone photo of last year’s Strathearn Art Walk! (Photo credit: Strathearn Art Walk)

I think the Strathearn Art Walk is a great example of the awesome things communities can do when they come together.

Five years ago, the Art Walk began with just 20 artists and 10 volunteers.

This year they have more than 120+ artists and 100+ volunteers!

The neighbourhood is home to two art galleries and there was such a clear ‘walk’ down 95th Avenue to connect the two spots (at least initially).

Now the walk has grown and moved to Strathearn Drive Park between 89 and 91 Street.

It’s the biggest Art Walk in the city outside of the Whyte Ave Art Walk and has grown into quite a little festival – with not just the art vendors, but live music from local musicians (check out the line-up) and of course – food!

Strathearn Art Walk Edmonton - Food

The Signature Strathearn Art Walk pulled pork sandwich!

This year’s Strathearn Art Walk features their famous Strathearn Pulled Pork Sandwich with Juniper Bistro Slaw and Pickled Onions. This sandwich has been served at all past Art Walks and with each year has become tastier and tastier!

There’s also a vegetarian-friendly option: Sweet Potato Chickpea Coconut Curry on Rice.

Both of these dishes are $8.50 each and prepared by a team of 9 ladies who live in the community.

Strathearn Art Walk Edmonton - Food

Expect art, music, beer and food at the Strathearn Art Walk!

Nomad Espresso will also be serving up coffee and there will be a Beer Gardens with wine and Big Rock Brewery beer and pear cider!

Juniper Bistro will be selling desserts (including peanut butter chocolate cookies, ginger cookies, carrot cake and guinness cake) from their cafe. Their Art Walk pop-up “shop” is cutely called Juniper in the Park!

Strathearn Art Walk Edmonton - Food

The Sept. 10 Strathearn Art Walk will feature desserts from Juniper Bistro!

I can confirm that the famous Strathearn Pulled Pork Sandwich is famous for a reason – it is real damn good.

Part of its deliciousness I think is credited to the pickled onions!

If all onions were Strathearn Art Walk pickled onions, I would eat more onions! Yuuuum.

Strathearn Art Walk Edmonton - Food

If all onions were Strathearn Art Walk pickled onions I would eat more onions!

The Sweet Potato Chickpea Curry on Rice was good too – though we did provide some feedback (a bit more salt – and maybe more spice for a kick!) so the version you taste when you go on Saturday should be top-notch. ;)

Strathearn Art Walk Edmonton - Food

Getting a Taste of Strathearn Art Walk!

We had a great time getting ‘A Taste of the Strathearn Art Walk’ and learning more about this little event that’s grown into a wonderful Edmonton festival.

It also made me better appreciate community leagues and all they try to do to get bring residents (and in this case – Edmontonians from all sorts of neighbourhoods) to come together.

Do you know what your community league offers? Are you a member?

Mike and I haven’t purchased memberships to our community league yet (we’ve been where we are for 2 years now) but will after this lovely experience.

Proceeds raised from the Strathearn Art Walk go to the community league, which helps them with their goal of building a new community hall.

The Strathearn Art Walk runs Sept. 10 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Strathearn Drive Park between 89 and 91 Street.

In typical Edmonton weekend fashion – there’s a number of other events taking place that day (which is not a bad thing – Edmonton events are the best!) but I’d definitely recommend you make a stop at this Art Walk on your Sept. 10 activities list.

You have to try that pulled pork (and ask for extra pickled onions!)

You might even fall in love with the neighbourhood and buy a house (which is what someone did last year after participating in the Art Walk! Seriously).

Learn more on the Strathearn Art Walk website here!


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