Post-secondary education – completed!

It’s official! I graduated over the weekend and am officially completed the learning-in-a-formal-institution chapter of my life! Well, at least for the near future anyway, I know a lot of people tend to go back to school in the later years of their life, not sure if I’ll end up doing that or not, but also I know personally I will never truly be done learning!! ;D

The graduation ceremony was this past Saturday and is actually the second post-secondary graduation ceremony I’ve attended – that’s what happens when you do two two-year post-secondary programs! My first graduation was from the Journalism program at MacEwan – but since at that time I was starting TV Broadcasting at NAIT, graduating didn’t exactly feel real. This time around, it feels real!

It’s both a scary and exciting feeling to know I won’t be headed back to school after this summer passes. But I’m very much looking forward to the coming year – even the coming weeks and months. There’s a lot of personal/life changes on the horizon that I’m very excited about including a new house, a new pet, a new schedule (weekday weekends, working actual weekends)! On that note on the work side of things of course, I’m excited to officially be starting my new job at Global (still training for another two weeks) as well as to accelerate my side journalism projects and see how that grows in the coming months.

Beyond that, I’m also excited to (hopefully) blog more consistently – and I’d like to check out what volunteer opportunities are available for me to do for a couple hours every week! I’ll also be re-launching my attempts to keep fit and do more outdoorsy activities (once Mike and I move we’ll be picking up two old bikes from his parent’s place and hopefully be incorporating biking into our regular routine).

So as I said, lots of exciting changes coming in my life and I’m looking forward to them all! Well, except for the fact that I’ll feel extremely poor for at least the first month of possession of our new home. Down payments, mortgages, and new monthly bills will take some budget-adjusting.

Congratulations to my friends who have also graduated this year, and to anyone with exciting changes on their horizon too!

Linda :)

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