Photo Walk: Instagrammable Walls of Downtown (Aug 25, 2019) presented by the Edmonton Arts Council

Instagrammable Wall Photo Walk Downtown Edmonton presented by Edmonton Arts Council

Hope you can attend the August 25, 2019 Instagrammable Walls of Downtown Edmonton Photo Walk presented by the Edmonton Arts Council!

I’m excited to announce that the next Instagrammable Wall Photo Walk will take place: 

Sunday, August 25 2019
from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. 
or 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. 
in Downtown Edmonton!

Click here or use the ticket widget below to purchase your tickets!

This 3-hour Instagrammable Wall Photo Walk, either in the morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. or afternoon from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., presented by the Edmonton Arts Council will:

  • Feature nearly 20 Instagrammable Walls in Downtown Edmonton
  • Include THREE food and drink stops at locally owned spots along the route: JACEK Chocolate (chocolate), ONO Poke Co. (ice cream), and Remedy Cafe (samosas or Chai tea)! 
  • Include one take-home polaroid photo at a wall along the route for each participant
  • Include one take-home postcard listing the walls we visited on the route for each participant
  • Include fun facts about the artist, wall, or neighbourhood at each stop
  • Include a visit to the Happy Wall in Churchill Square before it leaves Edmonton
  • Cap out at 20 people (so it’s a more intimate experience!) 
  • Donate 10% of proceeds to Rust Magic Street Mural Festival

Tickets for this walk are $20 per person. Kids 12 and under can attend for free with an adult however if they want snacks separate to parents’ then there will be a cost to cover the snack (limited spots). 

Please note: due to Edmonton’s on and off, quick thunderstorms, we will plan to go rain or shine (and fingers crossed there will be no rain, only shine!) but whether we proceed or cancel (with refunds) will be communicated in advance of the walk.

There is a Downtown Festival called Open Streets also taking place on August 25 from 10 – 3 p.m. Walk participants are encouraged to enjoy this festival after the walk wraps up at 1 p.m. or before you come to the afternoon walk! 

Thank you everyone for your interest in Instagrammable Walls, exploring Edmonton communities, and supporting art/artists and fun initiatives!

And a big thank you to the Edmonton Arts Council for being a sponsor for this walk! One of the Walls on this walk will be the Happy Wall in Churchill Square, which is leaving Edmonton at the end of August. I’m excited to be giving it a proper send-off with walk participants! 

Edmonton Happy Wall

Come bid farewell to the Happy Wall on the Aug. 25 Instagrammable Walls of Downtown Edmonton Photo Walk!

Learn more about the Edmonton Arts Council. 

Be sure to join the Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton Facebook Group to stay up to date on wall walks, and share any walls you discover as you’re out and about this summer!!

You’re also always welcome and encouraged to explore the city on your own self-guided walks year-round too! You can use this Guide to Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton (which includes a fair bit of walls but certainly not all of them, and is always looking for more additions!) to help you plan your own exploration.

But if you’d like a more curated experience, would love to have you come on a tour with me! 

Edmonton Arts Council - Happy Wall - Instagrammable Walls of Downtown Edmonton

Let’s take some fun photos at the Happy Wall on Aug 25’s Instagrammable Walls of Downtown Edmonton Photo Walk presented by the Edmonton Arts Council!

What is an Instagrammable Wall?

An Instagrammable Wall is basically an interesting-looking wall that makes a great backdrop for a photo of yourself or your friends, posted on social media (probably Instagram).

Instagrammable Walls can be mural walls, bold, colourful walls, graffiti walls, interesting textured-walls – you name it. They are walls that you’d describe as “Instagrammable” (or photographable and shareable online). Instagrammable Walls are not only murals, however there are many murals that are most certainly Instagrammable and in Edmonton, and lots more Instagrammable murals have been added in the city over the years thanks to the efforts of Rust Magic Street Art Festival and Real Fresh Canvas. (Note: not ALL murals are from this festival thoug, and not all walls are murals!!)

Instagrammable Walls add beauty to a city, and attracts people to a location that might otherwise not be frequented. Walls can often surprise you. My general rule of thumb is that an Instagrammable Wall needs to look pretty neat and be photographable with YOU at the base of it.

What is a Photo Walk?

A Photo Walk is when a group of people get together and walk around a specific location, finding interesting opportunities and areas for taking pictures. On these Instagrammable Wall Photo Walks you’re encouraged to bring your cameras/phones, cute outfits, water, and comfortable walking shoes!

When did Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton Photo Walks begin?

The first Instagrammable Walls of Edmonton Photo Walk took place on Saturday, June 3, 2017 as part of Make Something Edmonton’s 100 in 1 Day transform your city event. I’ve hosted several walks each summer/fall (a bit of winter) since then, and have also created Guides to Instagrammable Walls in cities where I’ve travelled.

See all my Instagrammable Wall Guides

There’s been such a great response from Edmontonians who want to discover Instagrammable Walls! It’s also become a fantastic way to show visitors to the city a round Edmonton! Ultimately, these guides and walks are meant to help Edmontonians find beauty that’s all around this city, encourage people to explore their city (or the city they’re traveling to), raise the profile of artists behind mural Instagrammable Walls, and spur the creation of more Instagrammable Walls!

Thanks to Edmonton designer Nicola Pringle for creating the Instagrammable Wall logo featured in this post!!


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