No more Edmonton Sun, catch my social media stories here!

As some of you may already know, I will no longer be writing for the Edmonton Sun.

The news came as an unfortunate surprise to me. I was told the paper was reassessing their columns and decided to bring my social media space “in-house.” While I was disappointed, I do try to look at the positive in life in general and in this case, the positive is that I really loved writing about local social media stories for the last year and a half and just because I won’t have a space for them to be published in a paper, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop telling those stories!

Please continue to visit my blog regularly for new stories highlighting social media successes, profiles or just interesting social stories happening locally. I will aim to do these social stories once a week as I had with the Sun column but it could become a bi-weekly thing as well (less pressure to come up with weekly story ideas by deadline, lol).

I have been introduced to so many great people during the course of my social media column and there are many more to meet and many more of their stories to tell. I’ve got lots of profiles and column ideas stacked up that I had had planned for the Sun column after I came back from my honeymoon so you can expect those stories in this online space now. :)

I don’t have an easy-to-access list of all my previous columns with the Sun on this website just yet, but you can find the columns tagged in the Sun category here!

Thanks for reading & following along and I hope you continue to do so.


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