News: Seniors relive K-Days at Capital Ex

Published in the July 29th issue of The Edmonton Sun. News

Seniors relive K-Days at Capital Ex

Edmonton Sun

It was Seniors’ Day at Capital EX on Wednesday and many seniors were out taking advantage of the special $6 reduced admission price to commemorate the day.

But the free bingo and other activities weren’t the only things keeping seniors busy on the grounds.

Many also took time to remember past Klondike Days promenades, the AgriCom, chuckwagon races and seeing everyone dressed up in Klondike gold rush-themed attire.

“I’m trying to keep the Klondike spirit alive,” said Alma Falardeau, 74, who caught the eyes of many she passed at Capital EX as she walked across the grounds in a frilly, purple Klondike Days-style dress with lace and flowers, topped with a purple, lace-lined umbrella.

“I’ve had a lot of people saying to me, ‘I’m glad somebody’s trying to keep it alive.’ ”

Falardeau has dressed up for Klondike Days nearly every year for more than 40 years and continues to do so.

She remembers one year when visitors who weren’t dressed in Klondike clothes were thrown into a fake jail.

“Someone had to get Klondike dollars to bail you out,” she laughed.

Joyce Henwood and cousin Betty Wilson, both 82, took a break from Capital EX festivities at the Expo Centre’s food court, where they recalled some of their favourite festival memories.

“I’ve been coming here ever since I was a little girl,” Henwood said. “I used to love the ferris wheel.”

Although both ladies said they aren’t interested in midway rides anymore, carnival food is still a major attraction.

“She had a mini-doughnut earlier and I had about 10,” Henwood said. “We love mini- doughnuts.”

Both ladies, and many more seniors all echoed the same sentiment — they used to have so much fun at festivals in the past and wished the Klondike theme would return.

But Randy Kilburn, spokesman for Northlands, said Capital EX still has lots of fun to offer for the older crowd.

“Capital EX hasn’t changed all that much,” Kilburn said. “We still have great food, terrific rides and great shopping. There’s still lots to see and still lots of fun things to do for seniors at Capital EX.”

But Falardeau hopes that more fairgoers will start dressing up to bring back the old Klondike tradition.

“The fun of it is dressing up,” she said.

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