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Published online at on January 11, 2011.

Linda Hoang, Global News: Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cold snap coming

As if the snow wasn’t enough to worry about, residents will also need to begin preparing for the coming cold snap.

Temperatures began to plummet Tuesday, with wind chill at times nearing -30 C and up to 20 cm of snow is expected to fall later this week.

“If it was just the cold we could probably deal with it, if it was just the snow we could probably deal with it, but now we’re getting a double whammy,” said Global Edmonton meteorologist Mike Sobel. “I see a good 10, 15, 20 cm between tomorrow and Saturday and the cold is going to continue through right as far as I can see until at least Monday.”

Motorists are reminded to make sure their vehicles are prepared for the frigid weather.

If you park outside, it’s recommended that your vehicle be plugged in for at least two hours overnight when it’s -20 C or colder and drivers should also have an emergency kit in the car.

Those kits should include items like a booster cable, flashlight, shovel, first aid kit, and more said Randy Loyk with AMA.

You also need to bundle up.

“If you are going outside, make sure you’re dressed properly,” said Dr. Gerry Predy with Alberta Health Services. “Be sure to cover your head, particulary your ears, and you have a good pair of boots and a good pair of mitts to keep your fingers warm.”

The cold snap comes after the region was hit with a massive snow fall over the weekend that made travel on roads and highways across the province nearly impossible.

In Edmonton, crews have been working for days to clear main arterial roads, collector and bus routes.

Crews are set to begin blading residential streets Wednesday morning.

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