News: Kiddie Commando section under fire

Published in the July 30th issue of The Edmonton Sun. News

Kiddie Commando section under fire

Edmonton Sun

There’s a battle waging on the grounds of Capital EX and it involves a lot of water guns and some carefully placed black, green, and dark orange war paint.

The battle is between soldiers of the Canadian Forces and kids attending the fair at the Kiddie Commando section of the military site at Capital EX.

Kids are handed a helmet and a water gun, have their faces painted camouflage-style, and then sent running through a short maze of camouflage netting, tires, and trees, all the while shooting water and avoiding being shot by members from the Edmonton Garrison.

“We have an obstacle course set up,” said Cpl. Serina Parrill. “We have members who are actually hiding in amongst it, who will actually spray them (the kids) with water.”

Nine-year-old Matthew Higgins ran out of the obstacle course early Thursday afternoon, soaking wet and out of breath.

“You get sprayed basically the whole time,” Higgins said.

Lineups for the Kiddie Commando Course formed almost as soon as gates opened Thursday and were expected throughout the day, on par with prior days.

Once kids complete the course, they’re awarded with a Kiddie Commando Course completion certificate with their name on it, signed by a member of the military.

While Alan Herrera, 9, enjoyed the obstacle course, he admits he had some problems going through.

“There’s a tire tunnel and the tires are small. When you need to get out it’s hard,” he said after receiving his course completion certificate.

“You could get stuck a couple times, but it was cool.”

“It was fun, dirty, wet and pretty cool,” described Dylan Reid, 15.

“I sprayed them (the soldiers) in the face.”

Parrill said the commando course activity has been a Capital Ex hit over the week.

“It has been insane. They just keep going around and around nonstop,” she said.

“The crowds get pretty big here with the kids. They absolutely love it.”

And because the course is short and run-through times are quick, soldiers are able to get a lot of participants in.

The Kiddie Commando Course runs daily at the military display site at Capital EX from noon till close and is free.

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