News: Capital Ex rides a scream

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Capital Ex rides a scream

Edmonton Sun

Screaming became the soundtrack of Tuesday at Capital EX as I spent the day testing out some of the exhibition’s 50 midway rides.

I braved unbearable heights, unbeatable heat and the unspeakable — vomit — to be able to tell Edmonton Sun readers what to expect with some of this year’s Capital EX rides.

Joined by Sun reporter Richard Liebrecht, here’s what we thought of five of the 2010 Capital EX’s most popular rides:


The only new addition to rides on this year’s midway, the Skater ride puts you in the seat of a giant skateboard, rolling and spinning back and forth on a massive halfpipe.

Linda’s take: There were spins and skateboarding tricks that made for a very exciting ride experience. Also, the dizzy factor is next to nil so you’re not going to throw up, thank goodness.

Richard’s take: It looks small but you get actually get a really big thrill out of it.

Our rating: Nine screams out of 10.

Swing Tower

This ride is a combination of a drop tower and a spinning swing, bringing riders up 110 feet in the air.

Linda’s take: This ride offers a fantastic aerial view of the grounds and beyond. It’s also great for a break from the heat as the open-air spinning really gets the breeze gusting through you. Downside: it will make you dizzy.

Richard’s take: This is your mid-day ride break. You can sit on this and chill out for awhile and it’s enjoyable.

Our rating: It gets 10 relaxing sighs out of 10.


This giant swinging pendulum ride gives riders a lot of air time and is one of my past Capital EX favourites.

Linda’s take: This was my favourite ride of the day. It’s intensely fast, immediately gets going and the speed along with height makes for a screaming good time.

Richard’s take: It’s the 10-out-of-10 for the day, fast and furious. I wish it lasted longer.

Our rating: 10 screams out of 10.

Mega Drop

This ride drops you down 130 feet in a matter of seconds and at an acceleration of almost 100 km/h.

Linda’s take: You’ll scream and then it’s over before you know it. It’s perhaps too short but definitely worth it just to say you actually did it.

Richard’s take: This ride is more about proving yourself than having fun. Do it once, but never again.

Our rating: Eight screams out of 10.

Overall, Capital EX rides are fairly adrenaline-pumping and butterfly-inducing, but it’s more of the same of what you’ve seen in past years, with the exception of one new ride.

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