Need advice? Listen to Here’s What I Think Podcast with Mike and Linda!


I’m so excited to announce that I’ve started a new podcast with my husband Mike!! 

The podcast is called: 

Here’s What I Think Podcast with Mike and Linda!

Here's What I Think Podcast with Mike and Linda
Here's What I Think is an advice-sharing podcast with Mike and Linda.
Here’s What I Think Podcast with Mike and Linda is a weekly advice-sharing podcast featuring award-winning advice from totally qualified advice givers* (lol).

* not actually award-winning advice but maybe eventually, lol.

Mike and I give advice to people on a wide range of topics, bringing pretty different perspectives to most situations. We definitely don’t always agree, which makes for some fairly entertaining advice-sharing!


Please note: Mike and I cannot be held liable for any fall-out that occurs if you take our advice, lol.

Listen and Subscribe to Here’s What I Think: 

Ask for our advice!

Mike and LindaHWITpod
Mike and Linda, co-hosts of Here's What I Think Podcast.

Listen to our first episode below, and be sure to subscribe to get new episodes every Thursday! 

This is the first real project featuring BOTH Mike and I—he tends to make appearances in my projects, helps with my projects, supports behind-the-scenes with my projects, Instagram Husbands my projects—but I’m so happy he’ll be a huge part of this podcast as both co-host as well as audio producer. 

Please listen, subscribe, share and tune in each week for new episodes and advice! 

Don’t forget to submit your questions for a chance to be featured on the show! 


We’d love to give you our totally qualified advice, lol.

P.S. Thanks to Rory Lee of Rory Lee Design for creating our podcast branding!!


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