NAIT NewsWatch – Volunteer to be Debt Free – Live Reporter

NAIT NewsWatch – Live Reporter – Volunteer to be Debt Free Package!

My last position for NAIT NewsWatch this semester was Live Reporter.
(It was actually supposed to be Shooter/Editor for a third time but I was able to switch with a teammate to get Live Reporter! Woo hoo!)

As Live Reporter, I was in charge of:

– Reporting/voicing/writing the Live Reporter package

Technically I was to have a Shooter/Editor shoot and edit the package for me as well but with a few complications (cars not starting, etc.) I ended up shooting and editing basically 95% of the package myself.

Here is a story on the Volunteer to be Debt Free Proposal that I did for my Live Reporter week!


Overall I really loved the week! I loved how the package turned out and I got really great critique on both the package and the in-studio performance :) My only qualm about the story is that I wasn’t sure if this story was REALLY live reporter top news worthy. I had pitched both this one and one about the state of Alberta health care and everyone in the team including the producer & exec. producer AND myself, were more excited about this one. So we went with this one and the anchors took the health story! Other than that, I really enjoyed this position and it was actually the highest mark I got out of all my NewsWatch positions this semester! (Entertainment Host/Reporter was my second highest mark and Fake Live Reporter and Shooter/Editor x2 all panned out to the same marks — still Linda standard!)

All in all a fantastic end to the weekly news rotation positions!

(Note: I am in “Team B” for NAIT NewsWatch. Team A & B have “on/off” alternating weeks. On our own week we have positions as either Live Reporter, Aslive Reporter, Anchor, Sports Reporter, Entertainment Reporter, Shooter/Editor or Producer. On our off week we do behind-the-scenes work including Switcher, Fonts/Clips Playback, Production Assistant, In-Studio Camera Operator, Floor Director, etc.)


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