NAIT NewsWatch – Random Roadside Testing Package

NAIT NewsWatch – Random Roadside Testing Package!

My second position for NAIT NewsWatch this semester is Aslive Reporter.

This meant I was in charge of:

– Coming up a newsworthy story idea to cover for the week
– Arrange interviews
– Conduct interviews
– Write script
– Voice script
– Do a “fake” live top and tail (opening and closing) standup for the story

(then my designated Shooter/Editor, who was friend/classmate Kiersten Pipke, shot and put together my package).

Here is the package that I did on Random Roadside Testing! (The story is about Alberta Justice throwing their support behind the federal government’s proposal to amend the Canadian constitution on impaired driving and allow police to do random roadside testing).


Overall I liked how the package turned out — there was just really obvious voicing discrepancies (my stand up seems like I am yelling :(), also by nature my voice has a generally “happier” tone so it didn’t sit as well with this type of story! Also I wish that the editor would have either kept the “drunk goggles” part out of it completely or I had written my script to reference/explain the “drunk goggles” better because that’s one clip that confused most of my classmates/instructors upon watching/critiquing the show. Also because I am something of a likes-to-do-it-all-myself person, I do wonder how everything would have turned out if I had shot and edited ALONG WITH reporting/writing/etc.

As a sidenote, on recording day for the actual show our fonts system wasn’t working properly so all of the stories were broadcast without fonts (interview subject’s names and titles) so I created this imitation NAIT NewsWatch font style in Photoshop and threw it into Final Cut Pro after the fact so that at least this version would include proper fonts. The actual text font is off compared to what NAIT NewsWatch originally uses but I think the white and blue bars + NewsWatch logo matched up pretty nicely!

I also want to thank everyone who took the time to meet with me and do the interviews but especially to Susan Semotiuk with Mothers Against Drunk Driving for sharing her story. It was a very emotional interview because of the nature of the interview itself but also because that same week her grandson would have turned 17 if he hadn’t died due to the drunk driver (who was charged with a count of impaired driving causing death and two counts of impaired driving causing bodily harmed and went to jail for one year). Thank you Susan!!

Overall I had fun and Kiersten and I were very efficient and got a lot of work done in a super timely manner! Great experience.


(Note: I am in “Team B” for NAIT NewsWatch. Team A & B have “on/off” alternating weeks. On our own week we have positions as either Live Reporter, Aslive Reporter, Anchor, Sports Reporter, Entertainment Reporter, Shooter/Editor or Producer. On our off week we do behind-the-scenes work including Switcher, Fonts/Clips Playback, Production Assistant, In-Studio Camera Operator, Floor Director, etc.)

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